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    • Sunday bloody Sunday

      13 years ago


      Tonight was Karaoke night. At the risk of sounding arrogant I kicked ass. Got there late so I only got to do 3 songs though. I sang Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's, and finished off with Jimmy Buffet - He Went to Paris. Aside from the cake fight that broke out the rest of the night was unimpressive.

    • A new Birthday

      13 years ago


      Today at noon even, my family welcomed its newest member. My nephew Jacob Daniel was born 6 lbs. 8 oz.
      Happy day...YAY!!!

      In related news this is my 12th neice/nephew. Which means I'm off the hook for procreation. But don't worry, I'll keep practicing the conception part.

    • Wednesday

      13 years ago


      So, the leak in the kitchens been fixed, floor's still falling apart though. Mom's going in for a CT scan, sisters ready to burst anyday with her third child and I...I...I really don't have anything to add onto their exploits. If you'd like to make a donation to the get Cory a life fund however you can write a check payable to me.

    • Monday...ugh

      13 years ago


      Monday, no better way to start the week than with 2 hours of sleep. Made it through work okay, had some fun tours and got a few tips. School wasn't quite as fun. Five, count em 5 hours of physics...managed to keep from passing out in class though. Started to teach Earl some of the tricks to drawings faces, specifically eyes. The drive home also proved to be a hoot...Construction on the turnpike, 40 mph for 3 miles. my taxes and tolls at work though. Oh well must get some sleep so I can tackle the kitchen floor...not litterally of course as I would fall right through. This place is a hole.

    • New to the fold.

      13 years ago


      This is the first online journal I've ever written...not that many will read it anyway.
      I've had a pretty wicked day so far, cut up some kitchen linoleum, stared impotently at the massively waterdamaged subfloor, watched the Eagles game and went to karaoke. Karaoke was a bit of a drag.
      I'm not a drinker, I go to sing and play pool with my buds. We're good at the former but not the latter. Anyway it was a small crowd and those that were there got shitfaced, I'm glad they had a good time but
      what the hell has happaned to the quiet drunk that stews in the corner, yelling at anyone who goes near his beernuts? I really don't want to see someone older than my parents shouting and carrying on like
      some Grannies Gone Wild video. *shudder* better get some sleep before another long day of giving tours through the cave, Indian Echo Caverns before five hours of physics class...

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    • kg6ejp

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      You Need more content!!


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