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    • So It's Been A While.. And I've Got An Announcement

      1 year ago


      Hey fellow RT Members/Fellow Firsties. Hope everyone reading this is well.

      It's been a stupid amount of time since I last wrote a journal article, so here I am. In the past 7 months I've began to integrate into my new community of uni friends and classmates, gotten and lost a job, and maybe gained a bit of weight (local mexican place be damned). I'm a actually here as I feel rather inspired by some content I've just watched. Let me explain.

      I'm a huge AH fan, have been since I discovered RT, and unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'd know that streaming has become a common thing in the AH uhh, schedule I guess you could say. That's bled out to individual members doing private streams, of which I follow (namely Ryan & Jeremy as they're consistently entertaining from my point of view) but I digress. Point is all this streaming and such has opened a door in my mind, something that says "maybe I can do this to?" I've long wrestled with the idea of maybe fleshing out my YT or Twitch channels and creating my own content.

      Now obviously I'm not currently a content creator, and given the amount of times I've thought about it and not done it yet, it's clear to see I have some things holding me back. But I've just come out of re-watching Off Topic 0.999, and they're was a discussion about content creation that has absolutely inspired me to bite the bullet and commit to creating my own content. It won't be immediate, as being a broke uni student, I don't quite have the funds to go out and buy a capture card, TV, new xbox & pay for whatever editing software I decide to run with, but I'm committed to saving and making this thing happen. 

      In addition, I'm also a forum reader and picked up the hosting and editing duties on a sports podcast for a pretty popular Australian sports forum for next year, so you could say I'm going all out.

      I still love my degree and what I'm doing at uni, but this has been something I've wanted for the better half of a year, and who knows. Maybe more will come out of it (I'm not aiming too high just yet, but a man can dream can't he?)

      More to come soon, hopefully not 7 months soon, but soon,

    • Welcome To My Profile!

      2 years ago


      Hey Everyone, My Name's Matty and as the header above says, welcome to my profile.

      So 2016 is the year of big changes for me, I've recently moved out of home and into the city to focus more on my studies. I've set myself some personal goals, as any aspiring idiot does, and two of my main goals are to be more social, and to deeply ingrain myself into the RT community.

      Contrary to what my profile reads, I've been a bit fan of Rooster Teeth since 2011 and the OG Minecraft days. To me (and I'm sure a lot of you) Rooster Teeth means more than just their comedy or their content. Rooster Teeth was introduced to me at a time when I didn't really know my own identity, who I was or who I wanted to be. RT (and mainly AH) became a part of my personality, and well.. Now I'm a proud flag waving geek, and I'm not ashamed of that at all. RT and the community are my family and define a large part of who I am.I feel that 2016 is the perfect time that I start contributing and getting involved with the community, and get amongst like minded individuals.

      I hope to start fleshing my profile out in the coming months, there will be journal updates about my life and studies, maybe gym updates if I ever go back, as well as random gaming and community related stuff. So stay tuned if the ramblings of a random guy on the internet are your thing. (also, feel free to add my steam and xbox accounts, steam more so as I left my xbox at the 'rents, and it'll be there until I can buy myself a new tv for my room).

      Peace Out Guys,

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      4 years ago

      Welcome to the community:D

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