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    • soulchicken9

      6 years ago

      i think what monty was going for is the whole "anime" theme, the grawls and scraping metal seem to fit his personality, like your right there, not watching from the distance, they do seem a little fake but just like final fantasy and all those other anime games with those big rediculasly fake and not practical weapons seem to fit this vid and montys style. i cant stand anime at all cuz of that shit, but montys twist on anime i seem to appreciate. maby cuz i respect his work with rvb.

      what do u think of his dead fantasy clips? i think there bad ass

      • Lolman_scott

        6 years ago

        I like his dead fantasy, I have nothing against his weapons and the style I actually love it I just find that the sounds just throw me out of the rhythm of the actual fight scene. I went back and watched in without sound and found myself actually seeing more, the music good, the chirography brilliant, the animation unique, the character design and weapon design amazingly original yet familiar, it's just the sound effects, they destroy the flow of the whole scene, just one mans opinion though.....

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