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    • MLG Midnight Madness

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      For those of you who are MLG fans and like late night gaming. There is a tournament that takes place ever sunday and monday at midnight for Starcraft 2. At 10 oclock PM join the MLG or MLG Midnight Madness chat in Starcraft 2 to sign up or for info. If you just want to watch there are some great commentators that cast the matches. Check out Robin_Wonders on

      Hope to see some of you in the game.

      Add me for more info.
      Character name: Kellan
      Character Code: 513

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    • Game Review Update

      6 years ago


      To anyone reading my reviews, I know I have had some downtime. I apologize and I will resume my blistering review post rate shortly. I just have some really awesome stuff in the works with my associate Falconfan. We are working on getting our own site up and running to post reviews in another place to reach a larger audience, we are also working on partnering with Machinima to provide some footage for their series as well as put out video reviews through our KCGameReviews channel. So stay tuned to my journal for updates, things are starting to get moving and when they do they will move fast.

    • Fable 3

      6 years ago


      Time for my review of Fable 3. I had mixed feelings before I played this one and I have mixed feelings right now writing this review.

      I played Fable 2 and enjoyed the time I spent in the game, I really like the mixture between a sims style game and a traditional RPG. The relationship and marriage aspects of the game are for the most part unique when it comes to console games and the real-estate management system is a game in itself.

      Fable 3 did some great things with the relationship systems and real-estate management system. They also improved the overall interface used to interact with other characters, although it removed some of the freedom of expression you had in the previous game.

      The real estate management improvements came along with improvements to the fast travel and map in the game. The whole start screen was revamped and is one of the most creative and effective ways of doing a start screen I have ever seen. I loved my start screen being an actual room with different branches where I could browse my inventory, change weapons, view my overall wealth and achievements, see availible DLC, change my gear and outfit as well as hair and makeup, and view the map and buy/sell/rent houses and move to locations using that map interface. All while never entering a menu.

      The start "room", called the sanctuary, really makes the game flow a lot better and allows the player to do quests a lot faster and really be able to focus on the story that's developing instead of having to focus on the best path to take when walking from point A to point B, or having to navigate a menu to change weapons for a certain encounter.

      Speaking of story, I found this story to be surprisingly deep and the multiple climaxes make it incredibly interesting and entertaining. Although the story is somewhat unoriginal at first, the whole "bad king, people want change, revolutionary hero overthrows bad king, people happy" story has been terribly overused. However Fable definitely delivers some originality through the multiple climaxes and double plots I mentioned earlier. It's almost as if Fable 3 is two games, one that is focused on leveling and working your way up the "Road to Rule", which is the unique way Fable 3 removed the menus for leveling up abilities and buying new abilities. Then the other "Game" is a more economy focused rush for cash that presents the player with significant in game moral dilemmas. In it's entirety the main story of Fable 3 is more than satisfactory.

      The side quests are alright, you can tell that a lot of the time spent developing this game was put towards removing menus from the game with the sanctuary and the road to rule. However, the lack of menus is so refreshing and overdue in games that I overlook the fact that sidequests lack sufficient story. Although they do add that characteristic foolish, jester-like comedy that everyone expects from a Fable title.

      All the good considered, Fable 3 had PLENTY of flaws. The most noticeble flaw actually stems from one of the improvements. The lack of menus is something any gamer would love to see, but there are times that a menu is needed. Like when browsing a shop's goods. I couldn't stand the retail system in this game. Walking from item pedestal to item pedestal trying to find what you want was one of the most annoying things I have ever done. I would much rather have a menu with all the items availible listed. I understand they wanted the most realistic experience and that in real life you have to browse the shelves, but I don't want that much realism in a game. Just give me my dang menu. The next flaw comes from the problem with retail in the game. I can't EVER find the item I need. I had a weapon that could be upgraded by having sex in the game with 20 women, but I couldn't upgrade it because I couldn't find condoms, and I didn't want 20 mini heros running around. Also, Health potions were like rare diamonds. It was maddening.

      The combat system is effective, but could use some balancing. Ranged combat is a far more efficient means of dispatching your enemy and leaves Melee combat in the background. There is also a lack of effective Area of Effect attacks that would be useful when fighting the large groups of mobs you often encounter.

      As with most games, I had a small problem with some of the voice acting. Many of the commoners were portrayed as too stupid and the nobles were too uppity. I know this mass stereotype system is part of the comedy in the game, but it could be toned down a bit.

      Overall the game stays true to the series and provides an easy to play but in depth story that leaves the player fulfilled upon completion. The attempts to create a menu-free game are mostly effective but also creates some significant problems with the retail in the game. NPC interaction and moving around the game are a breeze and the combat is fun and fast paced.

      I give Fable 3 a Game score of 8/10 and a personal score of 7.5/10

    • Fallout 3

      6 years ago


      This game has been out for a while but is definitely worth a review; and on a more personal level, I feel like I need to justify the ridiculous amount of time I have spent playing the game lately. I feel like I was playing so much my rad level was going to increase if I didn't slow down. Thank God Portal 2 came out and took my attention away from Fallout.

      I feel bad writing this review because I haven't played the DLC so it won't be as complete as I would like for it to be. But I think I have played enough to get the general feel of the game.

      As someone that has over 100 days played in Oblivion, I can firmly say that I LOVE Bethesda. On a more objective level, Bethesda makes some of the cleanest and most engrossing game experiences out there. Fallout is definitely as good an example of this as Oblivion.

      The great thing about Fallout 3 is that, like other Bethesda games, you can choose how deep, difficult, and long your game experience is. The main story takes probably 12 hours to play through if you take it at a leisurely pace. On the other hand if you, like me, are a RPG fanatic and want to have the deepest experience possible in the game, Fallout provides ample side quests and details that extend and deepen the main story. I salute the writers of this game as they have done an excellent job with all storyline aspects of the game and the scripts. The voice acting is a small let down to the writers and could have been better, but I have a feeling that spending more on voice acting in a game this large would have cost too much to justify.

      The graphics are incredibly good, especially for the age of the game. The environment is gorgeous and the kill shots while in the VATS system are disturbingly gore filled (which is a good thing). The only complaint I have about the game is that the graphics are so good and the map is so large, this game is absolute hell on your console. My 360 never freezes but while playing this game I have several game freezes, about one every other hour. But as long as you save frequently these shouldn't be more than a minor inconvenience.

      As for gameplay mechanics and controls, the combat controls in the game are somewhat lacking. When not using VATS they feel sloppy and are difficult to use effectively. I don't know if this is intentional so it leads people to use the VATS system or if, because of how much work was put into the rest of the game they neglected the combat system a little bit. Again this flaw is a minor one as VATS works so well and is such a good alternative to the more traditional combat mechanic. All that aside the gameplay is pretty smooth. The hacking and lock-picking mechanics work well as does the Karma system.

      The leveling system is easy to use and understand and adds to the gaming experience. The only complaint I have about the leveling system is that when first starting the game, unless you research and look for a guide, it can be confusing and lead you to make a character that may not be best suited to your style of gameplay.

      Overall Fallout 3 is a great game when viewed both subjectively and objectively. Although there are some faults, ie the freezing and bad out of VATS combat system, these flaws are outweighed by the games sheer epicness and size. Including all of the quests, collectibles, exploration, and DLC I think that it's a 150-200+ hour game; and worth every minute of it.

      I give Fallout 3 a Game Score of 8.5/10 and a Personal score of 9/10

    • Portal 2 Review

      6 years ago


      At last, I finally get to write a review on the best game of this decade: Portal 2. Of course there may be some debate about if this is really the best game of this decade, but I'm convinced it is.

      For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Portal series, it is the most original and innovative concept on the market right now, there is nothing else like it. If you haven't played portal, stop reading this review right now and:
      1. Download Steam
      2. Create an account
      3. Download the Portal first slice demo
      4. Have your mind blown

      Okay, now that my rant is over, on to the review.

      Portal 2 follows Portal's legacy of being a challenging game that keeps you thinking the whole campaign while providing comic relief through the voices of the AI and prerecorded testing messages. Portal 2 took an already incredible concept and improved upon it to the point of near perfection. I know this review seems like a Portal 2 love-fest and isn't objective at all, but there really aren't many negative things that can be said about this game.

      The story is deep and although the game's style requires a somewhat linear gameplay, the designers did a wonderful job of making the whole experience feel more free and open than the first game. The only real negative thing I have to say about the game is a consequence of the method by which they made it feel free and open. That is they made the whole world and testing maps bigger, however the strategic positions portals need to be placed to solve the puzzles require very specific positioning. This leads to lots of looking around trying to find a surface that is portal compatible. It can get very frustrating at times, at least they added a zoom feature to aid in targeting.

      As with the first game, the voice acting and script are a fantastic part of the game. The understated dark humor in the game is hilarious and all of the voice actors do a wonderful job playing their part and making some of the more frustrating parts of the game more bearable. Especially the maddening hunts for a portal location that I mentioned previously.

      Overall the game is one of the best designed and executed games I have ever played. The flaws are few and far outweighed by the positive points, the controls and graphics are smoother and more refined than the original Portal, and all aspects of the game have been improved.

      I give the Portal 2 a Game score of 9/10 with one point taken away for those damn portal hunts I mentioned and a very rare personal score of 10/10 for the game's sheer awesomeness and originality.

    • Halo: Reach LASO Guide

      6 years ago


      I recently posted a short but concise guide to Halo: Reach LASO runs in a thread about tips and tricks for LASO runs.
      Personally, I think I did a good job covering some good basics so I'm going to post the guide here in my Journal as well. I may make a habit of posting a guide every now and then along with my reviews so I can even further contribute to the RT community, I hope you all enjoy and find this helpful.

      Armor Abilities
      Armor Lock is a MUST for most parts, covy's throw sticky nades like crazy and Armor Lock will save you lots of grief.

      A player having sprint is pretty important as well, this is for getting to cutscenes, checkpoints, and hitting buttons or switches

      Drop shield is the next armor ability a party member should look for because it regenerates health when dropped.

      Weapons, use covy guns, they work way better on LASO

      Needle rifles and needlers are the best and if the level is elite heavy, a needle rifle plasma pistol combo is beastly

      Unless you have considerable FPS skill and a great video game awareness, power weapons will get you killed. Shotgun, Rockets and Sword can give you a false sense of confidence and you run out to kill the big nasty only to realize after you kill him that you are surrounded. In the right hands power weapons do work very well, but for the most part just avoid them.

      Tactics, the biggest problem you run into are the special elites or brutes, simple solution= assassination.
      Have the fellow with armor lock distract the big nasty while the speedy fellow runs around a big looping path and gets big nasty in the back.

      Kill Order
      Also, VERY important.... grunts and jackals aren't that difficult to kill, but pose more of a threat than the big nasties in my opinion, their weapons do just as much damage as big nasty's weapons and the quantity of grunts and jackals you have firing at you can complicate things significantly. So before attempting any sneak tactics on the big nasties, clean up all the little ones.

      Party Size
      After my Exodus attempts I decided to add this section. I found that due to the ammo constraints caused by having a full party, the mission was more difficult than it had to be. I failed my first two attempts because I had a full party of people and we spent half our time with little to no ammo. My last attempt, the one that was successful, (thanks to a suggestion by Falconfan02) I tried with just two players and it was much easier. However, I think some mission require more players. So just use your judgement and decide if your problems are being caused by Enemy difficulty or lack of ammo and adjust accordingly.

      Finally, Run like hell. Like some people above have said, if you run you can skip lots of big fights. Another tip that goes with this one is knowing enemy spawns and drops. I know in long night of solace I took out a wraith that would have been a huge problem just because I knew it would drop and I waited right behind it and jumped on the back of it the second it landed.

      Use those tips and all of your FPS common sense and skills and you should be able to complete the LASO with only a little difficulty compared to the impossible difficulty you would face without any strategy. I'm sure there are more little tips and tricks but these are just the basics that can give you that slight upper hand you need to be successful.
      Good Luck!

    • Apple Violates Privacy

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      So I don't know how many members of the RT community are aware of this, and it may be an old issue that is just resurfacing. But a recent news story says that Apple keeps accurate tracking data on phone usage and stores it all. I won't go into much detail because the story covers everything pretty well. I just wanted to bring it to everyones attention and see what you all think about Apple collecting this location data without saying anything about it or asking for the customers permission.

      Here is the Story

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    • Dragon Age 2

      6 years ago


      Second Review for you guys

      Again here I am being a bad reviewer by reviewing a sequel to a game I didn't play. However, as far as I can tell, I haven't lost anything by neglecting to play the first Dragon Age.

      My personal score on this one is going to be through the roof because I LOVE rpgs. The time I have spent in RPG's probably triples the time I have spent in all other genres combined; and this is a fantastic RPG.

      The story is as in depth as one would expect an RPG story to be, the only limiting factor on the depth of the story is the depth of the world. I have to admit the world not being a giant open map that you are free to explore like one would be in Oblivion or Fallout does add to the pace and action in the game, but for someone that likes the freedom that one huge freeplay map offers like me it is a small disappointment. For those of you who have less experience with RPG's and don't know the difference between what I call a Freeplay map and a Story restricted map: Freeplay is where you are in one giant level that hold the entire game and you can choose to get from point a to point b by several means of transportation and can stop to do other things along the way. Story restricted is where you the game takes place in several, sometimes dozens, of smaller levels or maps that are all linked through a fast travel system.

      That little digression aside, Dragon Age 2 is a typical swords, shields, bows and staves type of RPG where you have a few classes to pick from when you start and based on that choice your character develops along a certain path. I like this system because it is less complex than a system like Oblivion or Fallout has where there are dozens of stats and abilities that can leave a casual player hopelessly confused.

      Overall, the main and side quests are well designed and well written and, after some getting used to, the combat system is wonderful and makes for a very fast paced, action packed play-style that can sometimes be lacking in most RPG's. The thing I really enjoyed about the game is how quickly you are able to progress through the story if you wish to finish the game quickly, making the game a good choice for someone that enjoys RPG's but doesn't have the time to play one as lengthy as Oblivion or Fallout. Of course the side quests do add the extra hours that someone with more time on their hands would require to get the most out of the game. The beginning of the game is somewhat dull due to lack of abilities that makes it feel as though all you are doing is spamming one button, but fight through it and the game will speed up.

      The graphics in the game are gorgeous for the most part and although the gore is a little unrealistically excessive, it is somewhat enjoyable. Everyone likes to see an enemy explode into a pile of mush and bones every now and then right? The only real technical complaint I have about the game would be the voice acting. Although it can be really good at times, I find that several characters lack emotion, making it difficult to know if you are getting on their good side or bad side until the dialogue is complete. This makes the whole relationship system somewhat annoying.

      I give Dragon Age 2 a game score of 8.5/10 and a personal score of 9/10
      If you are a RPG fan you should definitely pick this game up for a unique RPG experience that molds together the action of a first person or third person shooter with the depth and story of a full length RPG.

    • Dead Space 2

      6 years ago


      Ladies and Gentlemen as promised here is a review of the oh so popular Dead Space 2.

      I will keep this and future reviews spoiler free and will make ample use of the spoiler tag when spoilers are included.

      As someone that didn't play the first Dead Space (Horrible Right?), I felt like I was going to miss out on a lot during the campaign seeing as how Dead Space 2 is a direct continuation of the first game. However, the wonderful developers of Dead Space saw fit to include a short, but informative, video that clued me in to the major points I needed to know about the previous game. For that, I salute them.

      After watching the short "Previously on Dead Space" Video, I dove right into the campaign. The campaign beginning was probably one of the best mood setting beginnings to a game I have ever experienced. The "Oh shit, Oh shit, run run runrunrun" Factor was fantastic. The rest of the game did not disappoint and followed the suit. The only difference is that the "run run runrunrun" factor was replaced by "Holy shit! Get the F#@& off me" factor.

      Overall the story is well written and flows wonderfully, the level transitions are smooth unnoticeable which I really liked. I hate when clearly defined cut scenes or loading screens separate levels, it really takes away from the flow of the story.

      Speaking of cut scenes, my only complaint with this game is that at times it feels like one long, slightly interactive, cut scene. Many times you will see things happening in a hallway or room next to you that you can't interact with at all. I guess one could argue that it adds to the eerie feel of the game to see a woman through a window crying and losing her mind, but to me it was just unnecessary clutter that could have been forgone and replaced by more action. Action that can be lacking at some points.

      I personally got a bad taste in my mouth for the game because I'm not generally a fan of the horror genre but for its genre Dead Space 2 is a game that exhibits a well written story paired masterfully with a combat system and style of gameplay that invokes a feeling of desparation and hopelessness in the player all brought to completion by fantastic graphics and Audio work. One aspect of the game that I really respected and appreciated was the lack of health and ammo when playing on higher Difficulties. It more than anything adds to the realism of a game that is in so many other ways completely fictional. The constant ammo and health search really makes the player feel the emotions one would feel if having to fight tooth and nail to survive.

      There is a multiplayer functionality in Dead Space but I didn't play it, probably bad for a reviewer to neglect the multiplayer portion of the game. However, the story in Dead Space is the main draw to the game and multiplayer is just an afterthought, especially when such great DLC is being developed for the single player.

      I give the Game a 8/10 but a personal score of a 5/10

      **Just so everyone knows, to allow for a more accurate review process for my followers that have similar interests as me, I will for the time being give a game two scores. An over 'Game Score' that is an unbiased rating of the game and how it holds up against other games on the market. Then a 'Personal Score' that is a rating based on what type of games I personally enjoy to play and how I feel personally about the game. I'm testing this system out and based on reader feedback the personal score may go away in favor of a completely unbiased review process**

    • Exodus LASO Challenge

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      Sitting down right now to start another epic LASO run with two friends for the Halo Reach weekly challenge.

      Anyone else here have any epic experiences with coop or solo LASO runs? If so post them here.

      I searched to see if there were any topics on LASO but didn't find any.

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