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      5 years ago


      Unfortunately enough I lost my PS3 due to an 'event'.... Apparently your not supposed to play online for more than 18 hours as it can cause your PS3 to explode. Well not explode. However, its core did melt. Or something. The memory got saved but I need a new one.

      So what does this have to do with Skyrim and Dark Souls? Well I'm playing these two titles on my Xbox 360 and I'm pretty much achievement hunting for them both. However, it feels somewhat weird to achievement hunt. I got used to the whole "YOU GOT A PLATINUM TROPHY" in the PS3 that getting achievements simply doesn't feel as good. I don't know, its weird. Its just the way trophies are presented and such that makes them, to me, seem like much more the effort. Which is really strange when you consider Achievements and Trophies are the same thing. If they made a sort of 'super achievement' for getting all other achievements I suppose it wouldn't feel as strange. Either way, those two are my main focus until I can get a new mic to do some Modern Warfare 3 playing.

      Though it feels especially weird to play Dark Souls on the 360 considering I platinumed Demon's Souls on the PS3. It just feels off and somewhat less satisfying considering there will be no Platinum brother for my Demon's Souls.

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    Born in Brazil, raised in Miami, then brought back to his home in Sao Paulo. Miguel is a pretty chill dude whom writes in third person because... Ok it was getting confusing. Moving on. Gamer at heart with barely enough cash to waste on it. You know your addicted when you choose the newest anticipated release over a meal. And boy have I starved myself during those end year blowouts. Nevertheless. I manage my way. I'm no pro gamer simply because I don't have the money to be one. Heres a kid looking for an opportunity yet unable to find that one dream job. Maybe in the future things will change. Till then I enjoy the small moments.

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