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    • The Extralife Stream

      2 years ago


      The Extralife Stream was phenomenal, I've been watchin it since it started but now I have to prepare for an early day tomorrow keep up the good work and I am eager to see how much we as a community raise

    • RWBY OCs

      3 years ago


      Team JADE:

      Jokimir(Yo-key-meer) Noir

      Gender: Male

      Race: Faunus, Sub-species(Changer), Wolf-Based

      Personality: Pessimistic

      Eye Color: Silver-Blue

      Hair Color: Dark Brown, short, short beard, Wolf ears

      Color: Black

      Weapon: Dust Broadsword

      2nd Weapon: Teeth, & Claws(Wolf-form)

      Weapon Name: Obsidian Buster

      Description: A long black broadsword with a hole near the hilt with Dust crystals inlaid along the blade. Rune engraved on pommel.

      Use: Heavy slashing weapon capable of releasing energy waves, can be thrown like a spinning blade by using the hole. Rune is used to summon the sword to wielder's hand.

      Refill/Maintenance: Sword care

      Outfit: Purple t-shirt with emblem, black duster, black cargo pants, metal pauldrons, combat boots, and a leather holster with magnetic pad for his sword.

      Emblem: Celtic crescent moon with tribal wolf head

      Abilities: Enhanced attributes(Strength, Speed, etc.)[Doubled in beast form, though his body will be strained when he goes human again], Enhanced Healing/Regeneration(Except for the strain caused by transformation), heightened senses, and night-vision

      Semblance: Transformation

      Amber Chere(Chair)

      Gender: Female

      Race: Human

      Personality: Mischievous, easily bored, analytical

      Eye Color: Amber

      Hair Color: Silver-blue

      Color: Amber

      Weapon: Trench-Rapiers, Rune

      Weapon Name: Shimmer Pierce

      Description: Two basket hilt swords, with a long thin blade that retracts. When the blade is retracted, the basket hilt forms a brass knuckle with a randomizing rune

      Use: Limited slashing with a focus on thrusts, and lunges. Knuckle forms have a rune that constantly changes until a target is struck. When slammed together, the runes switch to help the wielder.

      Refill/Maintenance: Rune Maintenance

      Outfit: Yellow-Orange strapless dress and heels, dark pink cloak with her emblem on a golden brooch, dark yellow framed glasses, and white knee-high stockings.

      Emblem: Fist with strength rune under the wrist

      Abilities: Enhanced speed, clairvoyant, highly intelligent

      Semblance: No Data

      Danielle Incarnat

      Gender: Female

      Race: Human

      Personality: Gentle

      Prestige: Incarnat Family, I.M.F.(Incarnat Metal Foundry)

      Eye Color: Blue(Left)/Green(Right)

      Hair Color: Pink, side ponytail

      Color: Pink

      Weapon: Gunsword

      Weapon Name: Rozen Steel

      Description: Medium length sword with a mechanism to switch between a gun and sword form.

      Use: Slashing, limited thrusting, and shooting.

      Refill/Maintenance: Gun, any element of Dust; oil must be applied regularly for switching mechanism.

      Outfit: White long-sleeve turtleneck with family crest on back, dark pink combat skirt and combat boots, emblem tattooed above her right eye, thigh high black stockings with emblem

      Emblem: Lotus flower

      Abilities: Trained in hand-to-hand combat, proficient in battlefield tactics.

      Semblance – Electricity

      Edgar Cyan

      Gender: Male

      Race: Human

      Personality: Loyal, hard-working, honor-bound, old-fashioned, composed

      Eye Color: Grey

      Hair Color: Black

      Color: Light Blue

      Weapon: Katana

      Weapon Name: Ryu

      Description: Average length Katana with blue hilt wrapping, with a white maple saya with a golden dragon inlaid in the wood.

      Use: Slashing

      Refill/Maintenance: Katana care

      Outfit: Blue Hakama, blue kimono, emblem on back

      Emblem: Dragon Head

      Abilities: Master Swordsman, well versed in negotiation and politics

      Semblance: Focus

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