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      If you can't donate, I understand completely. Money is tight these days. If you could at least share this to reach others, we would greatly appreciate it. My mom can really use the help.

    • 2nd Week Progress

      3 years ago


      The 2nd week was better than the first week, which shocked me. I had a couple bad choices in meals, but somehow, it didn't affect the weight loss. I lost 6.4 lbs this week! I'm now at 303.7 lbs, putting my 2 week weight loss total to 10.8 lbs! Next week, I will pass the 300 lb threshold!

      My bad choices of food were pizza, twice. 2 reasons for that. 1 being that I didn't realize how low I was on food at home to make and take to work with me. The 2nd being that I work at a pizza joint. When you're surrounded by pizza for 11 hours a day, it really weakens your willpower. I did my best to make my pizzas "healthier" by going with medium sized thin crust, and using only veggies and garlic as the toppings. Fortunately, it didn't stop my weight loss. I was worried about that.

      Though I give myself credit for turning down an offer to go to Penn Station with my friends on Tuesday last week. Penn Station is my vice. I absolutely love their Philly Cheesesteak subs. For those of you that don't live in the Midwest/East coast, Penn Station is like Quiznos, but 100 x's better. Thusly, making it 1,000 x's better than Subway.

      I've since gone to the store and restocked the kitchen/pantry. So there shouldn't be any deterrents this week.

      My workout regimen is still going strong.

      Last Monday's/Tomorrow's starting workout reps:

      Dead Lifts - 40/43
      Swings - 32/35
      Thrusters - 35/38
      Bent Over Rows - 27/30
      Push-Ups - 16/19
      Burpees - 7/10

      Keep the support coming guys! I appreciate all your comments and likes. Thank you all!

      My stomach is shrinking!


    • 1st Week Progress

      3 years ago


      I want to thank everyone for all the support and positive feedback I have been getting from the community! You guys rock! Keep it coming!

      After the first week, I have lost 4.4 lbs! Could have been more, but I didn't drink as much water as I should have a couple days during the week. Water is crucial, especially in the first week. Purging all the toxins out of your body from pop/soda, excess salts and sugars, etc, can net you upwards of 10 lbs in the first week. You piss like a pregnant woman on a rainy day, but the weight drops fast.

      So today, I'll be heading to the store and buying multiple individual gallons of water, and drink 1 a day.

      My diet hasn't changed, though starting this coming Sunday (18th), I'll be incorporating a Cheat Day to the diet to prevent weight loss plateauing. Once your body gets used to the meals and water intake, your weight loss slows to a crawl, and in some cases, stops completely. So the Cheat Day will help prevent that by keeping my metabolism active.

      I won't go overboard, but I will indulge myself with "bad" foods. Whatever weight I gain as a result from Sunday's will be lost by Tuesday, and the real weight loss will continue again for the week.

      I'll also be taking photos on Sunday's from now on to show the actual weight loss for the week. Weighing myself on Monday's after pigging out on Sunday's, wouldn't show me my actual weight, and thus discourage me. I'd rather see 4.4 lbs lower for the week, than maybe 1 lb, or no loss at all.

      The workouts are brutal, just like last time. The muscle cramps and spasms were extremely painful on Tuesday after the first workout on Monday. Fortunately it's only every other day, with weekends off. Thursday I was sore after Wednesday's workout, and by the weekend, it was just a dull ache. After the 2 days off, I get back to it today fully rested and recovered, so it won't really affect me much at all after the workouts.

      Last Monday's/Today's starting workout reps:

      Dead Lifts - 37/40
      Swings - 29/32
      Thrusters - 32/35
      Bent Over Rows - 24/27
      Push-Ups - 13/16
      Burpees - 4/7


    • 8 Month Transformation Begins Today!

      3 years ago


      Today marks the beginning of my 8 month physical transformation. Starting today, I will be dieting and exercising for 8 months to achieve my goal of 240 lbs by RTX 2015 (August).

      I am currently at 314.5 lbs. I'm 6'2 and 31 years old. Though I am not old, yet, the weight and age are not a winning combination. My knees and back are pretty much shot from the excess weight, and the older I get, the worse it hurts.

      So I will be keeping a weekly journal of my progress. Starting pics/Diet plan/Workout regimen will be included in this post, and I will be adding new pics every week to show the progress. I will even include times I fall off the wagon.

      I welcome any and all comments. Support, hate, whatever you want to throw at me. I will use it as motivation. I won't report any negative posts. In fact, I will use whatever negativity you throw at me as even more motivation to make you choke on those very words when I am done.

      Maybe this will inspire others who also need to lose weight, or just tone up. I will be detailing the workout plan and I encourage anyone to do it with me. The results are amazing. I have done this diet and exercise routine before with great results. My problem is that I don't have commitment. If I leave everything to my own motivation, that's where I fail. I need reassurance and support from others.

      So without further adieu:


      Breakfast - 3 hard boiled eggs, Salad with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, Feta cheese, Olives, Banana Peppers. I'll probably use 1 of the eggs in the salad and eat the other 2 eggs on the side.

      Lunch - 2 deli sliced lunch meat sandwiches. Cracked Black Pepper Turkey on whole wheat pita bread, with another salad.

      Dinner - Varies. Tonight will be a smorgasbord of Black Beans, Brown Rice, Cubed Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Chopped Peppers and Onions, with a touch of the Light House Italian dressing for sauce.

      The dinner meal will change almost every day, but will consist of healthy ingredients like the one for tonight.

      Nothing but water to drink. No pop/soda/carbonated beverages. Low sodium. Low sugar.


      The 5 Week Primal Challenge

      It's rough, very exhausting, but the results are fast and visible by the end of the first week.

      6 exercises, 3 days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri). Takes roughly 15-20 minutes a day. So it's not time consuming and you can fit it in to your schedule very easily. The object of the challenge is to do EACH exercise as many times as your body will allow you to do it, and then do 1 more the next workout day. For example: First day (Monday) doing push-up, do as many push-ups as you can do until you can not do 1 more. Let's say you do 20, the next workout day (Wednesday) you do 1 more than you did before. So you'll do 21. So on and so forth through the 5 weeks. By the end of the challenge, you'll be able to do 34 push-ups. This goes the same for the other 5 exercises.

      Using a 36 lb kettle bell for 4 of the 6 exercises, I will be doing the following:

      Dead lift - Kettle bell between feet, slight bend of the knees, bend at the waist, grab the kettle bell and straighten back to full standing position using the hamstrings and butt to perform the motion. - Max reps (+1 each workout day)

      Swing - Hold kettle bell between your legs, thrust hips out to force the kettle bell up in the air to about chest level. Let your hips do most of the work. Letting your arms do all the work increases fatigue and eliminates the usefulness of the workout. - Max reps (+1 each workout day)

      Thrusters - Hold kettle bell by the sides at/around where the handle meets the bell, squat down touching your elbows to your knees, then standing up straight while lifting the kettle bell over your head. - Max reps (+1 each workout day)

      Bent Over Rows - Knees slightly bent, bend 90 degrees at the waist keeping your back straight, lift the kettle bell up to your chest. - Max reps (+1 each workout day)

      That's it for the kettle bell exercises.

      Push-Ups - You know how to do push-ups. Max reps (+1 each workout day)

      Burpees - The bastard of all the exercises. From the standing position, start to squat while kicking your feet out behind you and land in the "up" push-up position. Bring your feet back into the squatting position, stand up and finish the motion with a jump. Max reps (+1 each workout day)

      You don't have to do them in that order. You can do them in whatever order you want, but keep in mind that once you set yourself in a pattern, when you change them around, you'll be able to do more of the ones you did at the end of the workout, because you're doing them at the start when you're not as tired yet.

      The first time I did this, I did burpees last. By the time I got to the burpees, I could only do 1. I did that for 2 days. On the 3rd day, I did burpees as the 2nd exercise, and was able to do 8. So it threw off my numbers a bit, because I wasn't as tired when I did the burpees. Which reduced my reps on the 5th and 6th exercises. So my Bent Over Rows and Push-Ups went down by 1 each.

      If you want to push your body further and improve from there, then do the exercises as they are listed. Doing burpees at the end will definitely push you to points you never thought you could go.

      Now for the starting pics. These were taken this morning around 8:00 am.




    • I need motivation from the community

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      I start my diet and exercise today(Feb. 5th). I'm currently a fat ass, and I'm hoping to be roughly "pudgy" by August for RTX 2015. And when I say "fat ass", I mean 314.5 lbs. Though at 6'2, it's not too hateful as I've always carried the weight well, and relatively even throughout my body. Though being 31 years old, it's wearing my overall health down.

      My goal is to be 240 lbs. 80 lbs in 8 months/10 lbs a month.

      I'm going to finally use my profile journal and keep track of my progress with it. I'll post starting pictures of my current weight and gut (front and side views), and add a new pictures every week to show the progress. I'll post my diet plan and workout regimen as well.

      Add me as a friend if you want to keep track and show support. Any and all comments are welcome. Even the negative "Fat Fuck!" comments will be accepted, as I will use that as motivation to make you choke on those words when I'm done in August.

      I'll also keep this thread updated with my progress.

      Thanks in advance for any/all support smiley0.gif

      And now for the starting pics.




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    • Happy New Year!

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      Happy New Year RT/AH/Mods/Admins/Members/Sponsors!

      Can't wait for this year to start. I've got plans to try to go to RTX 2015, go to Sweden, and to lose about 80 lbs.

      I don't do resolutions. I do hopes, and I hope all of you have a great 2015!


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      2 years ago

      I honestly don't give a crap what you believe, so feel free not to read or respond to any of my comments because I'm not going away anywhere.

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        2 years ago

        It just boggles everyone's minds that you hate every single video they upload, yet you continue to watch them.

        I get the masochist part, but why then bash every video when you are doing it to yourself?

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      3 years ago

      Hey. I saw your thread about losing weight. I think that it's great that your doing it and I wish you all the best. If you ever want some tips, advice or a second opinion on stuff, let me know. I've got a lot of experience with exercise and eating healthy and I'd be more than willing to help you. Good luck with your goal!

      • Stormknight FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Cool. Just message me if you have questions or want to talk about something

      • ItsMeBrad FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I appreciate the offer :)

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