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      1 year ago


      Been about 5 years, felt it was time for an update

    • Wow, I"ve been gone a while...

      4 years ago


      It's been 8 months since I last posted anything... Wow. In that time, I've had a lot of stuff going on.

      That said, I have a few new Achievements to share!

      Out of the frying pan...- 100G
      Graduate High School.

      A Different Point of View - 25G
      Change your opinion on something you feel strongly about.

      I have Rights! - 25G
      You voted in a major election.

      Something of Value - 10G
      Create something that gets you 25 Followers on any channel for something you created.
      (other than Facebook)

      With that out of the way, I'd like to share some of the above mentioned events.

      The second achievement requires some explaining. Around the time of my last post, I was very Anti-Brony. I thought that grown men that watched a show for little girls were completely pathetic, and utter wimps. I though that no many with any pride would even consider watching the show My Little Pony. That Said, I have also always had a personal opinion that I can't criticize anything unless I've tried it once. One day, During spring break, I found my 16 year old sister watching MLP. I found this unusual, considering that she is definitely not the most feminine of people I know. When I asked her why she was watching such a "stupid show," she responded by telling me that it actually didn't insult your intelligence, had compelling plots and characters, and superb animation. Being an animator myself, I had to see what she meant. At first, I saw the show, and came to the conclusion that it really wasn't too bad.

      I decided that at that point, I would no longer criticize anyone that watched it too harshly. I still had a portion of me that still did not like the show. The story, however urged me to continue watching it. After the first few episodes, I really started to take an actual liking to the show. Eventually, I ended up finishing all the episodes before my sister.

      What turned my life around was when I looked on line to see what there was. In Hindsight, that was probably a bad idea. Holy Sh*t, there is a ton of MLP stuff on the the internet. The My Little Pony fandom is one of the largest fandoms I've ever seen. It is also one of the most creative.

      So to Make that long story short, I am now a Brony. Derpy is Best Pony!

      The last Achievement that would require some explaining is related to the previous one.

      After getting into the fandom, I started reading Fanfics. I came across one fic that I really liked, and looked online for a dramatic reading of it. I was surprised to find that there was nothing, even though the story was fairly well known. I then decided to do my own reading. I posted it onto my YouTube Channel. It has started growing since.

      Today, I reached 30 subscribers, and thought to myself, *Achievement Unlocked!*

      At that point and time, I realized, "Holy Sh*t, My RoosterTeeth Blog!"

      And Here I am!

      For those interested, here is a link to the playlist of the reading. I release a chapter every weekday.

    • Real life achievements.

      5 years ago


      For the past few months, I have been working on a real life achievement list, and inever bothered to post about it. I've completed quite a few, and have written down a few That I have yet to do. So without frurther adue, here is my achievement list in order of completion.


      Hydrophobic - 15G
      Tube down the entire San Marcos river without getting significantly wet. 

      Breaking the habits - 75G
      Go at least 24 hours without playing video games VOLUNTARILY!!

      Quitting cold turkey-

      That's a bite - 5G
      Try wasabi

      That's raw fish! - 10G
      Try sushi

      That packs a punch, - 15G
      Try mussels. 

      My mouth is on fire-20G
      Eat a raw habeñero

      What is wrong with me- 

      Get that money- 150G
      get a job

      The payoff-15G
      Get your first paycheck. 

      A day in the life of work-10G
      Work for 24 hours. 

      My friend Benjamin- 25G
      Receive your first 100$ bill. 

    • Birthday celebrations!

      5 years ago


      This upcoming monday is my 18th birthday, so today, we decided to go to Official Paintball, and get some pain and paint. Check out their website! I'll post some pictures when we're done.

    • *Disappointment* "Sigh"

      5 years ago


      As most of you probably know, there is a video I've been slaving on for the contest, but due to several program crashes, and a hard drive failure, I can't have the video done in time. It really sucks. I've been working on the thing for the past 3 weeks +, only to have within a week, an all system crash, and last week, a hard drive failure. I tried to make a recovery, and if my computer wasn't a potato, I might've been able to make the deadline with faster render times, but alas, such is not the case.

      The biggest killer personally is all the hype I made for it, and that I won't be able to make it on time. I hate not being able to make deadlines, and disappointing people that have given me encouragement for my efforts. I fell so let down about the whole thing. After the crash, I had to resort to downloading some of the models, only to have a hard drive failure, and have to start over again. Luckily, I managed to recover most of them, but the damage was irreparable.

      This does not mean, however, that I will not post the video ever. I've worked too damn hard on it. Instead, It'll be late, and while I know I won't get a prize, I'll still get to show my video. With all I talked about it, I'm not about to just forget about it. I'll get it done ASAP. When it's finished, I'll post it on youtube, and then on my profile here. Keep an eye out for it.

      So until next time, This is IMR1fley signing out for tonight...

      But I will be back,

      I will have this video done,

      And it will reach it's full potential.

      *End Journal*

    • I'm so exited!

      5 years ago


      Ok, so I heard about the RVB Music video contest, and Immediately knew I had to do something for it. I've been working on it like crazy, and I can't wait to post the final version! I put up a few sneak peek pictures up. Check 'em out! Share them with your friends, (I only have 3) and spread them around!

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