So after once again watching from achievement hunter videos on youtube, I once again made the mistake of reading comments on the video, and I just decided "fuck it, I do not want to watch  rooster teeths videos on youtube anymore" So I decided to become a first member, and finally add a profile picture to this account that I made for this website like 2 years ago. I hope the community here is as good as people on youtube comments say it is. I was just sick of the negativity, and keyboard warriors. Sooo yeah. Hi I am Steven, and I like Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Reading, Anime, Football and watching videos on the internet. I watch more Achievement Hunter/Lets Play videos, tho I also watch a decent amount of the Rooster Teeth videos as well. I also adore the Game Grumps, and LeafyIsHere. I also have a youtube channel myself that me and my friend Kris do for fun. It is called Weird Gamer Bros. I also stream on twitch as well, almost always by myself. Tho we stream and upload at completely random times. That is all for now I guess. Peace.