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    • A Few RTX Austin Questions

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      Hey all,

      This will be my second year attending RTX Austin. Last time I only had the one autograph code, but this year I'm trying the new Weekend Plus pass. I have two questions, if anyone's able to help out.

      First, the Weekend Plus comes with access to the Lounge. I didn't have that last year (and I'm not entirely sure if this is new this year, to be honest?), and I'm wondering just exactly what that means.

      Second, one of the sessions I got was for What's Good Games, which I'm looking forward to, but unfortunately it starts at 9:30am Sunday while the Kinda Funny panel is at 10:30am Sunday. Does anyone know exactly when the doors open for lining up on Sunday morning? I'm hoping if I get there early enough I can still attend the autograph session and possibly attend the 10:30am panel too.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! :)

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    • First time RTX tips?

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      Hi all,

      So, first thing's first, I'm a fairly new RT fan in general. My wife is a big anime fan and, in an attempt to watch something similar myself to talk to her about, I started watching RWBY, oh, around December 2015. I was quickly hooked and have been a big fan ever since. My exposure levels to a lot of RT's other content is pretty low, though, but I've been trying to watch as much content as free time allows lately. Sadly there's never enough free time to go around.

      My main question is: for someone who's pretty new to RT in general, and who will be attending their first RTX / first trip to Austin ever, what do you suggest checking out? Are there any recurring panels that you'd recommend? Any fantastic restaurants to share? Or any advice in general? I hail from the east coast of Canada so I'm already prepping for the drastic change in climate and have installed the RTX and Uber apps on my phone. :D

      Thanks in advance for any info! :)

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    • 2 years ago

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