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    • Stop, in the name of Love!

      2 years ago


      Dear Bastards,

      First of all, let me say how excited I am for RTXAU. Wow! Like this is amazing news! This is free upgrades to business class news!

      It's freaking exciting. So we should be very, nay incredibly grateful that we have not only a wonderful Company like Rooster Teeth, whom have sent people around the world for years to our little country despite their busy schedules, but we should also be very grateful that such a Brilliant company as Hanabee has teamed up with Supanova to bring a Whole Event (one that has until now been Entirely held in the USA) to Australia.

      Yes Australia, a country that is both out of the way and isn't easy to tour around, for its large space and relative (to the USA, Europe, Asia) lack of destinations in which to hold large events (centralized population people!) yet despite all that, these fine folks are bringing their great Event our way.

      So when you find out all the facts Where? When? Who is coming? (We don't know yet, Sit Tight!) if you want to go ahead and complain, that oh "it's not in my city!', its big country! but, "My favourite Staff aren't coming', it's a big company! with a lot of cool people!, people others love, if you don't! STOP!

      Stop! In the name of love! For it is love and enthusiasm, (and a lot of hard work and planning too) that brought such a fine thing our way. So if you are from Australia and want to complain about RTXAU for whatever crappy reason you can come up with, step back, take a look at yourself and literally FUCK your own Face!

      Wherever and whenever it is held, If you want to complain, line your troglodyte asses up outside and I will ride a friggen drop bear down the line and bitch slap your asses back into the gutter you crawled your way out of!

      Get Hype! or keep your Whore mouths shut you ungrateful C-Words!


      - Lots of Love Darlings,

      - Ben.

    • Stupid, regrettable and just a little bit creepy

      5 years ago


      I feel like a fucking moron right now. Feelings suck balls and not in a good way. I hi ate this bullshit, I hate having to hide and I hate my stupid drunken impulses. Ladies and gents, dont drink and use social media, its social suicide.

      Peace out bitches im done, see you next year.

    • You're awesome let me tell you...

      5 years ago


      I don’t know where I would be without this site, this wonderful site. I check RooTeeth so often it’s like an addiction, because you're talented, because you're kind, understanding and damn well funny.

      You make me smile and you give me something to look forward to, wether it’s jumping on RoosterSpeak and talking you or our international friends;

      I get to chuckle checking out one of Sean’s funny sub notes, looking at Scheree’s awesome drawings or perving on Linh’s latest hottie.

      I get to hang out and sculpt with Strutter, Gontark, Devil, Treb or Pinkie in Minecraft.

      I can catch up with Trent, Matt, Colin and Dave at Artst Gathering’s while meeting awesome new people like Gav, Danny, Mitch, Zoe and Kim.

      I get forgiven for using far too much of Luis’s Hair product whilst way too drunk.

      I get to record the podcast with Justin, Beau, Lindsay and Chris.

      I get to talk Daemons and fall head over heels in love with a Norse god talking to Ainsley.

      I get to (playfully) tease Shawnee and still get a mouth-watering cookie and a hug.

      I get to act in Glenn’s web series and move closer towards being a somewhat self style actor.

      I get patience from Arvin while I work out the difference between him and Adrian.

      I get to fall in love with Kiwi's all over again thanks to Nelly

      I get to Give Saun piggyback rides, That’s just part of what makes you awesome. “You may be short but your heart is tall.”

      I get Astounded by Eric and Zi, you amaze me, I don’t know how you do the things you do.

      I get to jump up and down screaming at the chance to help Caiti in making this place so special.

      I get so much from this community, i hope I can start to repay the debt.

      And to all the folks at Rooster Teeth, should I ever get the chance to thank you properly, for all you do, be prepared for the biggest awkward-est hug ever, unless you don’t really like hugging people in which case, just making eye contact with me is awesome enough to last a lifetime.

      To anyone I may have forgotten and to those of you I have not yet met, I’ll see you at next year’s RTOZ or an ARTST gathering or Inshallah RTZ 2013.

      You’re all so incredible, I love you all, thank you and goodnight.

      PS, thinking about you all has totally mellowed me out, that’s how awesome you all are.

    • Brain Damage, BBQ’s and the most awesome people I know (How I spent my RTOZ, Par

      5 years ago


      RTOZ, the world’s best fan event was a tremendous success. First off thanks to Caiti, Justin and all of the awesome Volunteers for making the weekend such a blast and a big special thanks to Burnie and Gav for flying in a metal tube for an unholy amount of time just to hang out with us all.

      But let’s start slightly before the beginning. In order to organise three days off in a row I agreed to work eight days straight. On Thursday night my inner inspector Clouseau came out and while moving a ladder I dropped what I now know was a tape dispenser filled with concrete on my head.

      After realising the blood on my shirt was my own I took myself off to the local medical centre to get stitched up. I actively avoided the Hospital because last time they said I could go in a day and a week later they ripped out a tooth without any anaesthetic.

      So two tiny minuscule stitches and the slight chance of a concussion later I stayed up all night and come Friday morning showed up at Caiti’s ready to load up the family truckster with all of the supplies needed for a Human Vs Zombies Nerf War.

      So the weather was kind enough not to rain for us and after some subterfuge and phone scandals we arrived at the park to find some bastards had taken our spot, only it turned out they were wearing rooster teeth shirts, also they weren’t bastards, they were friends.

      Now what can be said about the afternoon? After an Emergency trip into town with Glenn we arrived to find that Burnie and Gav had made a super special Guest appearance. I greeted a whole host of old friends and new ones.

      Now apparently I was suffering the effects of head trauma because according to Luis, Beau, Jo, Kim, Arvin, Justin, Caiti and a bunch of other people my lips were blue and I looked worse than a corpse, y’all know how to make a guy feel good about the way he looks.

      The BBQ was a smashing success as was the HvZ war. So many eager fans and super people came along, mad props to those whom brought their Dogs, I can’t remember the exact spelling of your name and ill only butcher it if I try.

      Something, Something, Something and I woke three days later with a vodka orange in my hand. Score.

    • Death to my Hometown

      5 years ago


      We have been attacked, our lands destroyed, our homes ravaged, our livestock and pets killed and our possessions stolen.

      Faceless marauders snuck in the night and sure as the hand of god brought down an almighty wrath upon the land, like a furious storm, trees were uprooted, buildings left in ruins, great monuments smashed to pieces.

      Are we being punished? Was our hubris so great that we had to be brought to the brink of destruction? Or was it the cruel and callous reaping of anger, of a person so sad and fearful and hate filled that they must birth into the world of others their pain and pull them down into the darkness in which they walk?

      I feel only Grief, my spirit is broken, I cannot stay here now.

      The minecraft server got griefed.
      - Goneskies

    • My night with RooTeeth in Review

      5 years ago


      So last time when we left off I had begun my decline into drunkenness. After the festivities made their way out into the harbour area I recall greatly encouraging LepraSaun to engage me in a piggyback ride or two, which went down well at least I’m pretty sure it did, although I think our inebriated foolishness was frowned upon by others, I enjoyed living in the moment.

      But alas, it came time for some of us to part ways, the saddest part of any night out. Lindsay, you left me broken hearted, but I forgive you (call me). After assuring either Caiti or Justin, maybe both or possibly neither that I would join them and others at their new digs later in the evening, We met up with Luis, and I’m sure it was David, Harry, Trent, and Myself who headed off to his place in the promise of a drink before kicking on to sample Sydney’s nightlife.

      Now there are photos that paint a picture of what happened next, but mainly, I passed out (sort of), although I still didn’t drop the glass I was nursing (and that’s why I’m a pro). Around about the same time my hair, aided by my own combination of three different products as well as some mixed peppermint alcohol that was on my hands from earlier it evolved to a phase somewhere between stressed, electrocuted and mad scientist Ben.

      Anywho, oh yes I was struggling to clarify why I had passed out, basically, it wasn’t because I can’t handle my booze, because I can, just don’t ask me to skull a beer(too much gas) I’m not what I once was. I was lacking sleep and still at the tail end of a cold (you guys buying this? Good). So I guess long story short after watching some Arrested Development and the always fantastically amazing QI, Trent, Harry and myself left to seek our own paths and that’s where Luis and David rode out of my story and into legend.

      Now I can’t exactly place a time to the events that happened next, but after bumping into some gentlemen who promised me a good time, I made haste in the opposite direction (they really weren’t my type), this brought me to I guess Gladesville, at least that’s where I regained consciousness or where I may have been resurrected and/or revived.

      So there I was full of new energy heading down Victoria Rd in search of sanctuary. According to my twitter history (you can find me as @Ben_Bradford) the last tweet I made before the untimely death of my phone, inferred that I was on my way to the very gracious host and our magnanimous leader Caiti and also Justin who is super awesome (seriously though, I’m working this weekend, Lunch?).

      Now passing a mass gathering of unknown people enjoying a good time, I managed to bum a cigarette (seriously I quit years ago, it’s just the drink that pulls me back in) and hang out for a bit, hopefully in the process I managed to spread the word that is Rooster Teeth, more than likely I slurred my speech and offered them a drink. Where the hell did I get a flask? Awesome.

      So after my phone died I wound up at Caiti and Justin’s probably around four am’ish, after standing outside trying to work out which house was actually theirs I knocked, for a moment there was a brief sound, muffled footsteps, hushed voices, the sound of the universe, which sounds like the grinding of gears (y’all know what I’m talking about). So having lost my voice between the mystery party and my current location, finding no answer I decided to take a quick rest, upon a doorstep, like a common crazy person, which I may well, be.

      The rain started at what I can only assume was about five-thirty, so not wanting to wake anyone who may or may not have been sleeping; I forged forwards, towards the end of my journey to my home and kin.

      In conclusion, I had an amazing time at the Sydney ARTST event, I know that RTOZ will be a tremendous success (which come on how could it now be?) and to anyone who hasn’t already bought a ticket I highly recommend you do, also my offer to purchase a ticket for anyone willing to film my blood donation, most likely to take place during the month of May, is still on the table, so let me know.

      and Folks remember,

      Let me know if you want a drink.

      In the future, i plan to talk on my life and health, adventures in other countries, past loves, what inspires me to write and act, my undying love of music, film and television and my experiences with the supernatural, the good, the bad and my time as a spiritual person from healing the sick to speaking in tongues. I may be young but i have lived a fractured and varied life, i feel that i should be writing some of it down somewhere, so i guess this is a good a place as any.

    • Bowling & Brain Haemorrhages

      5 years ago


      Let’s begin just before the beginning and work in a slightly fractured non linear order. The evening was foreshadowed by greatness, having taken Sunday off I had successfully secured myself twenty-four hours of recovery time, that was my go ahead to get smoshed (if I’m using the term I heard correctly).

      Thanks to some very convincing social media I decided enjoy the festivities early by meeting up with Matt, Trent and Colin down at Toros on the Harbour. Where Matt enjoyed the brain freeze associated with what I can only assume was a frozen toblerone suffering from alcoholism. Then it was a quick drink at the King Street Wharf Brewhouse, Home of Bluetongues alcoholic Ginger Beer.

      Upon further notice from facebook or twitter we headed up to meet some of our fellow comrades at Town Hall station. After some photo shoots and general lollygagging I was confronted by Raddlez who came into view all too quickly, leading a troupe of wide eyed fans sporting smiles and RT apparel, the full range of which you can find in the RT Store roosterteeth.com/store/cat.php?all=2 under shirts and other apparel.

      It was catch up time for many of us and Nice to meet you in person time for many more. Then it was six lanes of friendly competitive bowling, a big tin of mouth watering super-diabetes inducing cookies, made by the lovely and somewhat already intoxicated Shawnee, something called a dim-sum which until this point in my life I had somehow never heard of or tried.

      Bowling was alot of fun I was teamed up with Adrian, Treb and Harry. I didn’t do too well, both a combination of generally being terrible and having messed my arm up the day before, not through the strenuous task of helping friends move but by foolishly re-enacting a bit from a movie using a dumbbell and my upper dorsimus.

      After Treb bowled a strike (nice one) we were presented with something called a Brain Haemorrhage www.geekosystem.com/alien-brain-hemorrhage-cockta... considering it contained peach schnapps some the most horrendous alcohol known to my body it wasn’t half bad and I’m fairly certain I bought some more later in the evening.

      After Laser Tag, again a wonderful time in a poorly lit environment full of what was by now close to twenty something intoxicated people and some other group that we didn’t have any affiliation with I landed more shots on Arvin’s Camera (sorry buddy) than I did on opponents, damn paparazzo.

      After Laser tag, after laser tag... somewhere around here I will attempt to pinpoint the moment where I went from sociable intelligent Ben to all Irish’ed up. It was a time of more mingling and celebrating the success and victories of the evening so far.

      This is where those Brain Haemorrhages came in again. Whilst I was at the bar I noticed and old favourite of mine sitting on the counter, Butterscotch in Schnapps form, so again it was time for shots (there it was, all Irish'ed up).

      Something I have now learned is that counting the amount of people whom would like to partake in the act of doing shots does not work so well. The best method is to get a very rough number then add like five or six or eleven extra shots because someone will drink them eventually.

      Coming Soon, Part Two of my evening with Roo Teeth, where we meet up with Luis Sarabia, my hair makes a startling shift towards sentience and the evening for me at least takes a dark and unforseen turn for the worst...

    • NO, NO, NO, NO, NO

      5 years ago


      Fuck Spiders creeping up on me, seriously dont do it.

    • 2017 years ago

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    • Caiti FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Velvet Scarlatina

      5 years ago

      I know you're awake in there... Don't make me come in and chloroform you to sleep.

    • PinkieAUS

      5 years ago

      WEEE :D

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