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    • Going stronger than ever (Monty Oum Journal)

      1 year ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      I still remember hearing the news like yesterday. I never got to meet the man, but he truly inspired me and many other people. I believe he would be proud of #CRWBY for all that they have done and will continue to do with his creation. Again I thank Neath Oum for coming into a hard position to voice Ren and be really involved in the RWBY and RoosterTeeth community. That must have been a very hard thing to do and I'm glad you did it. The community grows stronger everyday and RWBY Volume 5 finale episode got #1 trending on Youtube, so it just goes to show how much people love the RWBY. Thanks for the drive and inspiration you created Monty and I know that myself and the community will keep moving forward. Thank you.

      Posted: February 1, 2018 10:42 CT

    • Random RT moments I hope I always remember...

      1 year ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      1. Jeremy is 5 foot 4 inches tall... not 5 foot 3 inches tall (Let's Play Minecraft – Episode 142 – Legends of the Hidden Tower)

      2. RT Podcast 312 and 314 endings

      3. First RT video watched that got me hooked (RED VS. BLUE: EPISODE 28.5: THE LAST EPISODE EVER)((At least I remember that getting me hooked))

      4. Jeremy Dooley being a monster truck

      5. RT Podcast 309. Monty Oum Podcast

      6. First time watching a rwby episode (RWBY Episode 2)(I was late to the party!)

      7. Day 5 as a whole

      8. Ally's nightmare in Day 5 episode 5

      9. Uno: The Movie...

      10. Let's Play GTA V Non-Stop Bike: Gavin Flying lol

      11. Not really a video just the community itself; friendly,chaotic, and so many other words. They help each other through tough times and laugh in the good times. Glad I can be a part of a community/family like this.

      Sidenote: If there are people reading just throw a comment in; this list is for me and anyone else who like these random fun moments!

      I will always add when another happens or comes to my mind

      EDIT 1: JULY 23, 2016 EDIT 2: JULY 24, 2016 EDIT 3: JULY 31, 2016 EDIT 4: December 4, 2016 EDIT 5: January 5, 2018

    • RWBY Volume 4 Season Finale

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      This season was phenomenal; it looked brilliant and I liked the character perspectives we got throughout the season!

      CRWBY: thank you so much for the dedication and love you put into the show. The animators, writers, voice actors/actresses, and everyone else who had a hand in it; you guys did more than I thought you could, and I knew you would give it 110%.


      Posted: February 4, 2017 

    • 2 years later and the family is stronger than ever (Monty Oum Journal)

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      Just to say, look at this first: THE MONTY OUM PERFORMANCE CAPTURE STAGE (Gray journal entry)

      Monty died 2 years ago today and I am saddened that I cannot met an individual who has inspired me to "Keep Moving Forward". He is what inspired me to draw for fun, and not purpose. He gave me inspiration to keep trying and match his resolve. He gave me the thought of a better today and not a better tomorrow! If I want something I need to work for it and not wait or give up, just keep moving. Thanks.

      The family of the Rooster Teeth community is just spectacular. I know they are the best people you could have in a family.

      The CRWBY has done wonderful work. They moved past such a sad event to keep a RWBY going strong. 

      Another thing that I love (about the RT family) is the support of Neath Oum taking over as Lie Ren. He was faced with a daunting task and has taken it in stride. Much love to you Neath; I cannot imagine what the last 2 years have been like, but I hope we have shown you how great we are!

      Thank you Monty, CRWBY, and the entire Rooster Teeth family for what we have created here. Let us keep moving forward.

      Posted: February 1, 2017 9:50 PM US Central time

    • RWBY Volume 4 Mid-Season Finale

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      Thanks to #crwby and all the talent that went to work on RWBY! The show is great and looks stellar.

    • RWBY Volume 4

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      After the delay from RoosterTeeth First members viciously crashing the site lol, I think we watched something special! It just shows that from all the fan support, amid other things, that the #CRWBY team (and tech support; sorry @grufftech) will work their damnedest to keep moving forward. Thank you for the hours of time you spend making us happy!

      Posted: October 22, 2016

    • Jeremy Dooley Twitch streams

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it not a fucking idiot..." -Jeremy Dooley 8/3/2016

    • Day to remember "SPOILERS FOR DAY 5!!!!"

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate


      I don't think think that I've ever chanted the words "Don't be asleep" and had tears in my eyes before that moment with Ellis. That pan to where Ellis was (and seriously I didn't like blondie shootyface from the start and she says that!) super dramatic for me. I cried a little so the tears in my eyes was not a joke! So happy Ellis is (HOPEFULLY) alive.


      Love the bastard! I think Jake is such a great character (in my opinion)! I just love how he is as a character with the sister interactions, how he interacts in general makes me love him! So glad he saved Sam and Ally (like WTF Lex :/)


      I cannot justify with words Sam. One of the last kids (maybe?). He is an awesome character. His backstory part was so sad! I was so panicked at the part with Lex asking him to go see Dr. Abrams. I was so hoping Ally or Jake would get there in time (thanks dude with gun for the intervention! Also I will never hear the phrase "get out of here kid" the same ever again.


      When she had her nightmare in episode 5 and in episode 6 put her arms infront of Sam to protect him it just reinforced her as my favorite. Ally is the real MVP (Sorry Lex is crazy for a cure). So glad she moved on from after her friend died (other girl from hospital).

      #day5 :

      From what I expected back to 2012, Day 5 is better than I can believe. I hear people use "Edge of your seat" for movies, and I've never experienced it with a show. Day 5 is like living on the "Edge of your seat". So many things going on, different tangents, cure, cause, the backstories that make me tear up a little that I cannot wait to see where it leads.

      Thank you to the #day5 team for bringing this to the RoosterTeeth First members. You all did so great thank you so much for that incredible time. I hope to still be awake for a Day 6.

      Posted: July 31, 2016

    • Random Journal #4

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      1. Mica Burton is awesome for the stream stuff AH now does. Love her!!

      2. Can't say this enough: Becca is like the #RealMvP!

      3. The RvB14 episodes Miles made are coming out this weekend and I cannot wait to see what the man does.

      4. SponsorPlay is just a absolute mess, but funny as hell!

      5. Dead by Daylight might be one of my favorite things to watch ever.

      6. Heroes and Halfwits is better than I expected and cannot wait to see more.

      7. Meg, thanks for all the good times while you were at RT! Cannot wait to see more of you on your youtube/twitch/at any cons I go to!



      Date: June 29, 2016

    • Monty Oum: One year later (Well tomorrow that will be one year, but I wanted this here tonight)(edited: had horrible spelling June/29/2016)

      2 years ago

      FinallyBez Not a Pirate

      I am making this one day prior.

      On February 1, 2015 at 4:34 PM the world lost someone, a special man who inspired me dearly. Monty never gave up and strived to make the best of whatever he was doing. Well that inspired me to go to college; I am currently in my second semester of my first year at college.

      Love you Monty! :)

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