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    • Proposal for further audience immersion

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      First and foremost, thank you guys for everything you're doing. It's greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. Your tireless efforts have resulted in thousands of people having a fun and entertaining online experience and you should be very proud.

       - How to have better interaction with the audience during live broadcasts

      Live Chat:

      The use of Twitter to chat is a great feature, but unfortunately it works better for small shout-outs than actual discussion/immersion. Tweets that require too much context can be seen as a nuisance to those who do not know what Rooster Teeth is and this is counter productive to spreading the word on RT. The benefit to a chatroom is that

      • Our screenames link to our RoosterTeeth profiles
      • It ensures that only posts intended for the twitterverse go to the twitterverse. These comments can essentially be curated specifically to people outside the community to draw them in.
      • People in the booth can chime in and join the chat here and there to provide a little more immersion to the audience

      *This is a feature you’d limit to First members

      Virtual Audience:

      This is a feature that a number of online shows provide. Essentially you have two angles to the show where - angle one is the main show, while angle two is a cascade of 8 Skype calls surrounding the main show in the middle. The people watching can then toggle on/off which version of the show they want to watch. The technician keeps their voices muted/volume low, until a point of audience interaction comes up in the show. If you’ve been a part of the audience once, you can’t do it again for two months - this opens up the variety in audience. (See TwinGalaxiesLive - Comic Book Show for an example)

      *This is a feature you’d limit to Double Gold first members


      With the two above features added, cast/talent would be encouraged to interact with the chat/audience more (at least 2-3 times per episode) as opposed to the way it is now (roughly once every 2-3 episodes). This will help with the whole immersion experience 

      Further details:

      (In response to worries of audience disruption)
      Essentially, people are muted. They're just there as an audience. When you go to a live-taping of a show and you're disruptive, you're asked to leave. Similarly, if you're being disruptive in the skype-audience, you get kicked off. The skype call is there for audience reactions, and at any point in the podcast/video, the cast might poll the skype audience as well as the chat audience. Another great thing about the skype audience is skype's ability to screenshare. If someone who's called in is an artist, maybe they'll whip up a piece of fan-art about a joke that was literally just made, and it becomes their audience angle. Instant immersion. 

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    • My film has been submitted...

      9 months ago


      Hey guys!

      A film I had the great pleasure of directing and co-writing has been submitted for multiple festivals and we still have about forty to go! We'll start hearing back as of mid-August but for now we wanted to share a first look at the film. I hope you enjoy the teaser trailer for "Blackpowder and Guilt"

    • "Blackpowder and Guilt"

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      Hey guys!

      I had the great pleasure of directing and co-writing a film titled "Blackpowder and Guilt". We're in the process of submitting the film for a few dozen festivals right now but I thought I'd share the trailer with you. Figured my fellow RT community members might enjoy.

      "Blackpowder and Guilt" Teaser Trailer

      In 1970's rural Canada, a dishevelled man revisits the forest where he was forced into adulthood at the age of eleven. The man must come to terms with the guilt of his past as his memories stagger between the image of his father's rifle, the disintegration of his family and the disappearance of his younger brother.


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    • Original Trilogy vs Reclaimer Saga - Why the drop off

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      So going from Halo 3 (and eventually 4) there was a HUGE dropoff in sales and popularity. Why do you think that is?

      Here's my opinion on the matter... they changed too much. Small changes here and there are alright so long as they further the development of the series, but at a certain point, you might as well just make a different game. The changes with Halo 4 were cringeworthy but definitely forgivable. When Halo 5 was coming out they announced that they'd listened to the fans and were going back to the roots of the originals, then they went even further out -_-

      Story / Characters

      Locke is a horrible character. They should have given his story to Arbiter. It would have been way more engaging considering the history. Also there is WAY too much focus on peripheral storytelling. The story became too complicated. Hunt the Truth, the comics, the DLC it's too much. You shouldn't need that to play this game. Character split should have been MC 50% and Arbiter 50%. If they wanted to introduce Locke, he should've gotten the short end of the stick, and they should have made his character a lot more interesting and conflicted like the Arbiter was. Also the fact that the Elites are villains again after Halo 4 is stupid. It undermines Halo 3.


      The architecture of the game worlds is too over the top. Look at the aesthetics of Halo 1-3. There are alien accents to more simplistic designs. After Reach and Halo 4 and now Halo 5 they have made things look more and more intricate to the point where the conceptual aesthetics are completely different from the original trilogy. The way armour looks in Halo 4 and 5 is way too different from the originals. It all looks plastic compared to the perfect design in Halo 3. And that H5 scope? Barf.


      The guns look way too different (see shotgun and rocket launcher especially), and the lack of dual wielding and the inclusion of the DMR are insulting. The whole reason Bungie did this in Reach was because in Halo 1 you don't have dual wielding, so if you wanted to do a chronological playthrough, it made sense to exclude dual wielding in Reach. The inclusion of the DMR in Reach was due to the fact that the BR hadn't been invented yet (in universe) so having a prototype to the BR was an excuse to have the same type of gun in Reach... so then why is the prototype back in Halo 4? They nerfed the BR to make it different than the DMR and OPd the AR in Halo 4 and 5 to give noobs a better chance against the BR/DMR.

      Music and Sounds

      It doesn't SOUND like Halo. The music is way too different as are the sound effects. We have hints of the original Halo music in Halo 5, but barely anything. Halo 4 didn't have any at all! And I know people will argue that they were trying to update the SFX of the guns etc, but it's not that it sounds crisper, it sounds completely different. The DMR in Halo 4/5 sounds more like a progression of the BR from Halo 3 than the BR in Halo 4/5 does.


      The maps in Halo 4 and 5 are GARBAGE. Halo 1-3 had some of the best maps I've ever played in any FPS. They were straight forward, simple, sleek and you only needed a couple minutes to learn the map. Halo 4 and 5 the aesthetics became way too busy, all of the maps look the same and they have no originality or character to them. Also the lack of local multiplayer was some real bullshit. Halo was that one game that you'd get together at a friends place to play - those days are apparently over.


      Some of the armor abilities are welcomed, others aren't. The way they handled abilities in Halo 3 was amazing. You pick them up as equipment and you get to use it once. If you don't, someone can kill you and take it. If they included the likes of hologram and jetpack with bubble shield, degen, regen, flare, mine, active camo and overshield that would have been amazing. After replaying all of the halo games recently, I'm down to remove sprint. It's not necessary. They're Spartans - they're always running. If I want sprint mechanics I'll play CoD.

      Changing a couple of things here and there is one thing, but changing as much as they did is downright stupid. Switch all of the above back for Halo 6 and all of those old players will come running back.

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