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    • Doing Adult Things

      1 year ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      So I was being gifted my memberships by Kenzie and now I just did it all by myself YAY!

    • Classes.

      2 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      So my classes this semester aren't as heavy as last term and some of the books on my list are fantastic and cheap. In both history classes and my english class they only cost about $100 CAD for all 7 of them and shit it feels damn good to not spend $300 on a simple anthology for two stories.

      They're all good books too:

      Wild (Movie Book)

      On The Road Adapted (Our version in class) / Original (Our prof reads it to us for context)

      Giovanni's Room

      The Colour Purple

      Fight Club (hella)

      Paris 1919

      The Oxford History of Modern War

      They're all full of life and the first five are my english books all about discovery and looking into oneself and cultural society from the 1940's to present. I'm excited for classes this year. It's gonna be hard for essays and presentations but I can do it.

    • Drinking Game.

      2 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      Made a GTA V Drinking Game.

      I'm going to die playing. Anyone is going to die playing with these rules. Please drink responsibly.

      GTA V drinking game rules:



      1. A sip everytime you accidentally get out of your vehicle

      2. A shot everytime you die

      3. A shot everytime you finish a mission

      4. A shot everytime you come in last during a match/race (Multiplayer Only)

      5. A sip everytime you kill a non-target NPC (one sip per killing spree)

      6. Drink everytime you’re in a respawn screen (no hitting “A”)

      7. Two shots for jumping out of an air vehicle without a parachute:

      - Accidental “Y” does not count

      - Death rules do not count

    • Success!

      2 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      Never, in my entire life, felt so successful than when I finish an essay/term paper the night before it's due with time to spare so I can watch videos before I go to snooze land.

      In all honesty it is the biggest relief to just hit print and see that paper come out with fresh ink and the best margins.

    • Life is random events.

      2 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      Okay so, with all the changes at FH like Spoop leaving to better his life, LI-TTLE J! becoming a member of AH officially, all the tiny little things that make me smile at RT as a whole, I've wanted to start bettering my life. I want to get out of my rut.

      Since the tender young age of 5 I've always thought life should always be exciting, like going to a theme park constantly and riding roller coasters that are always fun. But nope, life is also the small victories in life too.

      Like learning that everyone has a limit to work out and needs a base to start it. I should thank Adam Kovic and his little inspirational video's, specifically this one. I should also thank Lawrence Sonntag who is a role model to me to get my ass into gear and get personally healthy over wanting the muscles (as of yet.)

      Another small victory could be just buying a fucking iron because I forget about adult things a lot because I live with my mom. (I didn't know how hard adulting can be until I needed a tax form booklet.) And Michael and Lindsay Jones being proud of their Washer and Dryer is very inspiring to know that you don't have to grow up and not be excited for adult things. Even them non-stop talking about owning a house is a happy thought. Them, and Jeremy Dooley and his S.O. Kat being super excited about their move.

      Off-topic as of late has taught me that it's the little things that not only happen to me but that I could make happen for my friends and family, like coffee runs (we don't have kolache's up here in Vancouver. Or that I know of.) or just being like family to my friends.

      I also have to thank one Matt Peake for being so fucking wise in all the chaos and jokes. His calming and peaceful assurances started to make me look at my life differently. Advice that I just batted away because it was from authority figures I never really paid attention to or liked, but man did I need it to come back around to me. SO thank you.

      I'm going to try to get out of this rut I call my life, going to try to make more friends at my University, going to start working out and going to physio, and mostly I'm going to do as Sean Poole did and stop waiting for a better life to come to me, I'm going to go out and make my own. Or try to find a way to better it myself because hey, nothing in life is going to be perfect.

      ~A letter to me to see how far I will have come from.

    • Pretty Solid Night.

      3 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      One of my friends had Spoole comment on how cute her kiddo is and that kinda boosted my night.

    • Thank you.

      3 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      I'd like to thank my friend Kenezbian for hooking me up with this sponsorship. Thanks hun!

    • 3 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned
    • I bet you

      3 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned

      I bet you that later down the road I'm gonna look at this first post and want to hit myself in the face. :D

    • 2018 years ago

      EvrythngCndn Captain of the Damned
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