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from Bowling Green, KY

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      2 years ago


      This fall I am starting at WKU. I am very nervous, of course, because it's mother freaking college! I will be majoring in Musical Theatre and Music Education. I hope to one day be a performer, but who knows! I will say however that I hope to one day work with RT and music. Maybe I could possibly create music for a show? or do some editing stuff for AH? Who knows! I know that all of you (whoever reads this) will be supportive, because everyone in this family is! Anyway, have a good day!

      I wrote and recorded an album this past month that you can check out on BandCamp (An Endless Sea - Nathan Scott). The vocals are eh because I was stuffed up that day, but you can listen if you want! Feedback helps out a lot.

      ALSO! Dear Mica, I would like to say that you are a HUGE influence to me. You are strong and beautiful and everything about you seems simply amazing. You have overcome great boundaries and arrived at a place that many dream of. And all while being (if I am correct) a Bi-Sexual African American Female in this awful, little-good-doing, arrogant, selfish world. So I say congratulations and THANK YOU! From a 17 year old boy in Kentucky, and the rest of the RT family, thank you!

      - Nathan Scott

    • 2 years ago

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