Hey everyone!  So, I am going to school for Graphic Design and I am really interested in Greek Mythology and I want to do some projects relating to the major symbols of these Gods and Goddess.  I was hoping people could contribute to what ya'll think are their main symbols, and I will post what I think they are.

Here is what I think they are:

Zeus: Lightning Bolt

Poseidon: Trident

Hades: This is one that I am struggling on, so I just put a Skull

Hera: A Peacock?

Demeter: Wheat

Athena: Owl

Aphrodite: Either a Dove or a Heart?

Apollo: Lyre or the Sun?

Artemis: the Moon or a bow and arrow?

Dionysus: Grapevine

Hephaestus: Hammer and Anvil

Hestia: Fire

Ares: Vulture

Hermes: the Herald's Wand

So some of these I am not really sure on and there are some where I am stuck between two different symbols.  Feedback on what you think is right will be greatly appreciated! 

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