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    • I don't normally do this...

      10 months ago


      Post journals, that is.  But I'm trying to get the word out for a friend of mine, and I have known the RT Community to be very kind, warm and generous people, so I figured that posting here couldn't hurt.

      My friend and college roommate Christine, an incredibly talented and amazing woman, has been struggling with her health for over two years now. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27, and spent the past few years battling for her life.  After enduring radiation, aggressive chemotherapy, and a double mastectomy that had the potential to seriously damage her career as an actor, she was declared cancer free in summer 2017, albeit with the caveat of a lifelong struggle with lymphedema. Throughout her cancer battle and subsequent months, she kept smiling, kept working as much as her health would allow, performed at the Pittsburgh Scarehouse for years running, and trained for and completed multiple marathons.

      Two weeks ago, during a routine checkup, she was informed that she has a cancerous mass on one of her ovaries.  Today, January 16th, as I type this, she is undergoing surgery to remove the mass and assess the rest of her reproductive system for signs that the cancer has spread. Depending on the findings, she could end up undergoing a complete hysterectomy today.

      This woman has already beaten cancer once. She's still carrying the physical and emotional scars and financial burdens of that battle, and now she has to fight for her life and well-being a second time. She does not come from a wealthy background. She does not have top-tier health insurance. Between acting gigs--which include PSAs about cancer and women's health, often done for next no money--she works at Trader Joe's.

      She has a GoFundMe set up to try to raise money to offset her medical and living expenses during the time that she is unable to work. I and many other have friends have already given what we can, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of healthcare in this country, particularly the aggressive treatment she requires. So I'm turning to the internet and social media to spread the word and, perhaps, find a few generous souls willing to offer assistance. Even a few dollars helps.  Even sharing the link with a friend helps.

      She's not famous, or even particularly well-known outside the Pittsburgh theatre crowd, but she is my friend, and a brilliant and well-loved woman. If even one person reads this post and decides to donate, I will have succeeded.

      Her GoFundMe page can be found here.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • I got my holiday exchange card!

      1 year ago


      I signed up for the community card exchange, and my card from Nia_Lopez came today!  It's rare for me to get mail that isn't a bill, especially around this time of year, so it was a wonderful surprise to come home to  She wrote a very sweet note, and even included a generous gift!

      I'm super shy, so it's been kind of intimidating for me to try to
      connect with the community, but RT fans have proven to be a very warm and welcoming bunch, and organized events like this are a great way to make friends, especially for someone like me who can't really travel to events. I can't even say how much it made my day just to get something nice from another fan. I'm so glad I decided to participate!

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