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    • How do you work this thing?

      5 years ago


      So I've been gone a while, but Rooster Teeth have been quiet with their content n stuff. So I've been busy. I got a new laptop. But guess what? My Photoshop doesn't work on Windows 8. I need to find a solution to that before avatars... You've been great for bearing with me and stuff. Fanx guise.

      I have not been able to watch any of the Gauntlet.. So I don't have any idea what to expect from that. It sounds pretty good! I'm looking forward to watching it.

      RWBY trailer.. Oh my gosh. I've probably watched that over about 40 times now. It looks amazing! I'm not a fan of anime.. But this I will sure as hell be watching. I can't wait to see what Monty does with this!

      A bunch of RT projects are in the pipeline as I've been hearing. So, I'll be here. I won't be so offline and stuff. Sorry Internet. Especially if you didn't care, or notice. I apologise to you the most.


    • My Achievement Hunter Avatars

      5 years ago


      Production has slown down at the ol' factory de AH Logo's. BUT DON'T WORRY. I have made a list, I'm trying to get a new laptop, sure that'll probably be christmas time, and some of my requests will be old by then, but those will be addressed. Also, I will hopefully get a drawing tablet, and then the stuff I make will be proper high quality. So, you can either choose to get yours later, or I can do it now, thanks for sticking by me, people who still ask, I smiley12.gif you.


    • O brave new world.

      5 years ago


      So, as we all know, Rooster Teeth has just finished with Season 10 of Red vs Blue, and it was, quite frankly, incredible. @MrBunns you really were right when you said how shocking an ending can be, I mean, Carolina being the Director's Daughter? It must be wrenching on your heart when firstly, your dad abandons you, calling you by another name, Carolina, etc. etc. but then, having to give the man that raised you your firearm so that he can end his life. Well, it's either that or behind their backs he's making another Tex and giving this one a weapon so that it can live on, DESTROYING ALL IN IT'S PATH! MWAHAHA! HAHA! Ahem, let's stick with the ending of his life part.

      The mystery blue Freelancer was, our good friend Captain Butch Flowers, quite a shocker if you ask me. It's also funny how Project Freelancer can literally blow up a whole state so that it can create a cover up story for the Alpha being in Blood Gulch. Even if the Alpha was the one that also killed him with a lethal dose of aspirin. I also think that the real villain in this whole plot is the Councillor, he's always been the Director's right hand man, it used to be enough. And now he wants more, he always wanted his own squad, but command just wouldn't give it to him. Now, with the Director gone and half of the Freelancers killing each other, it's the Councillors time to strike. He has no secrets from his past, only ways to kill whole states with a touch of a button. You better watch out world, here comes the Councillor.

      Also, Washington makes a great new Church.

      Next up on the Agenda, the RWBY trailer, RWBY I assume to stand for Red, White, Blue/Black, and Yellow. The trailer consisting of our good friend Red Riding Hood, with the forest and the deadly wolves and stuff. Only this time she has a bloody great scythe, and a shotgun all in one, with the ability to take out hordes of these wolves, I do hope that they use a different voice for them in the series though, this one kinda hurt my ears a little bit. Listening to the song, the closing credits, and watching the trailer for about 15 times now, I am pretty sure that it's going to involve the characters Red Riding Hood, (Red) Snow White, (more wolves, and the colour white, so it's possible), then for blue/black, YouTube goes with Beauty from Beauty and the beast, I honestly am not sure.

      So much more to say, so little time, so next time.


    • Halloween

      5 years ago


      Did you know what I did? Nothing. I didn't even get any sweets! Not sure if I'm annoyed about it, or don't care, since Halloween has never been very important around my place. What you gonna do eh? Let's all just buy sweets!

      I also invision someone getting ill from the sweets, the sueing the stranger who fed it to them, and now health and safety need to check all the candy you have, give you a license that you have to paste on your doors, and ruin halloween for everyone, as is the spirit of health and safety.

      Aside from that, latest RvB episode was so nice, I mean, a breakthrough, with Caboose using his head, and being in CG for the first time ever, it looked really nice, shame Lopez hasn't been fixed. Some day, eh? I am looking forward to it. Carolina and Epsilon are going after the Director alone, somehow it isn't a job for Washington, apparently it doesn't matter, he's tried bringing them down before, but now it doesn't matter because he has friends.

      Can't wait for the finale. I'm sure we're all excited. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif


    • Stuff

      5 years ago


      So I'm sitting here in pain from my retainer. The perfect time to write a journal!

      So a hurricane attacked the shores of east America. Well technically it's still attacking the shores. Since its going on while I write this journal. It's bad and I feel really sorry for all the people involved. Apparently the wind speeds aren't too high. But still bad enough to cause a lot of damage. Houses, rain, floods. Shrapnel. The shit hit the fan. If by shit you mean the country, and by fan you mean Sandy the hurricane.

      Of course. With every hurricane that has a name that can be associated with a well-known character. It will be. The inevitable Sandy cheeks memes came flooding through. Some good. Most annoying.

      The time change came through. Well at lease for the UK. Meaning all the shit went BACK IN TIIME WOOP WOOP. It meant I got an hour extra sleep. But I am wondering if its going to bite me in the arse. Since its coming up to 1am for me, and I'm wondering if the RvB episode is going to be at 2am instead, since the time change hasn't come through. WELP. There's only one way to find out.

      I'll do a Season 10 recap journal tomorrow or something. Lets see if I manage to get enough steam to write something eh?


    • Shoutout to the world

      5 years ago


      Hey guise. I am not dead... Sure none of you cared... but I'm still here!

      First, I wanna give a couple of shoutouts out here..
      smiley9.gif@MrBunns Again, because he's such an incredible artist. Look at his latest journal with a Special gift to the RT peoples!
      smiley9.gif To @Lady_Vossler's Messy Comics because they're so funny! Agent Maine with a flower crown? It's great! Sending Maine into positions that he just isn't confident with is something the world is just dying to see.
      smiley9.gif A bunch to @Karl, @AmazingBethT, @WhiteVader, @Jayyyy, @BlueFenix, @Theiviaster, @Ember and @DevilMayCrye for being RT Community badasses.

      Latest episode! Feels all over the place combined with badass, as you can finally really see how much Project Freelancer has fallen.
      I wanna post a nice inconsistency here with Maine and his Brute shot.

      Brute shot

      No Brute shot

      No shot and then a shot a few frames later.

      No brute shot

      And Brute shot again

      I just found it funny.

      Thanks for your time,

    • Episode 18!

      5 years ago


      Oh. My. GOSH. It's about time someone stood up to Carolina. And the bond that Agent Washington now has with the Reds and Blues is really something that makes you smile. Epsilon being super uber angry? I blame that on being in Carolina's head. It'll do that sort of thing to a person.
      My reaction in an RT Gif:

      So many feels.


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    • williams FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      6 years ago

      Hey! Well, I'm really glad you like the music, thanks!

      There are some things i could give you, but i wouldnt really have time to go through and clean them up. Basically, a lot of the drum parts are played on keyboard, so the mapping to correct drum notation is....sorta shaky, until you go in and clean it up.

      For example, here is the drum part to the Immersion theme.


      If that is something that is helpful, I will try to give you some more.

      • Darkhologram FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 years ago

        Thank you so much!!
        I really didnt expect you to go out of your way and do anything.
        Really appreciate it, thanks!

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