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    • Completely Pointless Thing That I Found Interesting

      6 months ago

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      A friend tagged me in a thing on Facebook. The comment immediately under his had someone tagged with a rather familiar name. I went to the profile of the man with the familiar name who quite obviously, being Australian, was not the man who immediately sprung to mind, but this man did not have anything on his account set to private and so I could see that despite currently living in Perth, he is not originally from there. So, today I learned that there is a Ryan Haywood who is originally from Burnie, Tasmania.

    • The Difference A Month Makes

      11 months ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      Been meaning to say this for a while but never had the time. So, as some of you may know, I was planning on moving to Sydney, but no longer am. What I have not mentioned yet was an offer I got a few weeks after that. So now, not only am I not moving, but instead of leaving my job, I go full-time as of next week. (Up until now I have been casual). There are upsides and downsides to this. 

      First downside: I'm not leaving.

      Second downside: My pay will be reduced a bit.

      Third downside: If I ever have the massive blow-up with my new manager that I've been feeling for a while now (something I have not really touched on publicly, but yeah, she has no idea what she's doing and everyone agrees but she's the one running the place now) I can't just walk out on them like I could when I was casual.

      First upside: Guaranteed hours.

      Second upside: No longer getting constantly called being asked to rush in (unless they want to pay me overtime).

      Third upside: Holiday pay. I would include sick pay, but I don't take sick days out of principal. Unfortunately, though, since I will have only been full-time for about two or three weeks before I go on holidays this year, I won't be getting holiday pay, but next year (If I can hold on to my ever decreasing threads of sanity for that long) I will be.

    • I Am No Longer Moving

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      Some of you may have seen in past that I have been planning on moving to Sydney for quite a while now. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of that. And by life, I mean my broke-ass family. Something else you may have seen in past is that I am essentially the main breadwinner in my family. As such, I often have to pay bills for them. In this case, it's a pretty important one as I have to pay a $900 power bill, which my family have assured me they will do their best to pay back before I go down. Oh yeah, I'm still going down for a holiday. I do have a VIP Pass to RTX Sydney, after all.

    • Drinking Update

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      Well, I remained sober throughout all of October, but now I am back to drinking. I wound up ending my dry streak a day early and buying a bottle of vodka because I couldn't handle work and home life sober anymore. And then a friend bought me a bottle of scotch, so now I have those to drink. As for how much I drink once I polish these off... we'll see.

    • A Damn Scary Thought

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      So, let me start by saying I'm not 100% sold on this. But, since the goal is to save money, and I apparently am supposed to be losing some weight and getting healthier, this would be a way to accomplish some of that.

      WITH A FEW MINOR EXCEPTIONS I have been considering giving up drinking for a little while. It most certainly will not be a permanent thing since I like drinking, but with about 14 weeks until Sydney, and with me spending $50-$60 on alcohol on a good week, this could very well be a good way to save money. And to lose the weight that drinking puts on. And to give my liver a chance because I would stop destroying it and maybe get healthier.

      Now, as for those exceptions.

      Should I choose to go through with this, I won't be starting until after next week, as I have a friend's birthday coming up, so there will be some drinking there, and then literally the next day is my grandparents' anniversary, so I'll be drinking there as well. Then just a little over a month later, it's my birthday, so some drinking there as well. And, since I had to be designated driver last Christmas, I get to drink this year, so I'll take that opportunity. I may not drink on New Year's, though. Then, finally, I will begin drinking again at RTX Sydney. And we'll see what happens from there.

      So, essentially, I may only be drinking once per month for the rest of the year, beginning next week/month. But hey, that's $750-$800 more saved up. And supposedly a healthier and (hopefully) more productive life for me. I will spend the week making my decision and MIGHT report here for it.

    • Answers To Questions I'm Asked Sometimes

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      Well, it's been a while since I've done a random post about stuff. So I figured I'd answer some questions that people who know me ask. Therefore (Originally all 3 of these sentences started with the word So) here it is, the FAQ of a guy most people on this website have never heard of. Hooray!

      How much Red Bull do you drink on a daily basis?

      Starting off strong. So, to answer this, I need to point out that I have different kinds of days and those days dictate how much Red Bull I drink. I drink two every work day: one before I start, one on my break. If I have to deal with my cousins (every Wednesday except today) I normally get another Red Bull to be able to deal with them. On a day off I still try to get stuff done but can have trouble focusing. Normally, just coffee is enough, but sometimes I need that extra kick. So, here is a break down my different kinds of day and the amount of Red Bull I drink:

      1. Working then heading straight home - 2

      2. Working then dealing with my little cousins - 3

      3. Not working and focused - 0

      4. Not working and having trouble focusing - 1

      You know that stuff will kill you, right?

      This doesn't just apply to Red Bull, but also all the alcohol I drink and other things. And to this may I say: I don't give a shit. I accepted a long time ago the fact that I will die at some point and to be honest I'm in so much constant pain and deal with so much bullshit all the time that I really don't care when I die.

      How did you first start writing/learn that you enjoy writing?

      While this tweet may seem like a joke, it's actually completely genuine. The story of me wanting to become a writer began when I was about 7 or 8 years old. One of the other kids at school brought in the first Captain Underpants book and a bunch of us wanted to be like the kids in the story, so we all began writing our own comics. For me, comics turned in to short stories, then they became the scripts I write in my very limited free time. I've fallen out of contact with most people I went to school with but as far as I'm aware, I was the only one who continued to write stuff after that initial period. (In fact, while it is currently on hiatus while I work on other projects, one of which is very similar to it, I have basically been adapting one of my comics from when I was a kid in to a full animated series).

      How much do you work?

      TOO FUCKING MUCH! But let's break it down. Now, technically speaking, I am not supposed to work more than 5 days a week and more than 6 days in a row over two separate weeks (an official week being Monday-Sunday). If I work more than that, I get paid overtime. I have been paid overtime quite a few times in the past. Very rarely do I not get the 5 shifts. As for when I don't, and how I work more days than I'm supposed to: I get called in a lot. I have become very used to receiving phone calls at 6:30-7am asking me to start as soon as I can get in.

      (Work related) Why do you get to work so early (As in, with a lot of time to spare)?

      For days like today. Where I did not even get a foot in the door and was immediately asked to start straight away (we weren't even open yet).

      That's all I can think of for now. Maybe in future I'll do a part 2?

    • Moving Plans Part 2

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      I've been meaning to do this for at least a month now. So, first of all, I've pushed back when I'm moving. (Clearly, because I'm making this post instead of moving. I was hoping to be gone by now). I figured that for financial reasons, I should hold off moving to the beginning of next year. Especially considering I just recently bought a new computer and paid my rego and will be gunning for a VIP pass for RTX Sydney, I don't really have the money to move right now (Trust me, I would if I could). However, as for money for when I move, I did maths that out.

      So, assuming nothing major comes along and fucks everything up, the week leading in to RTX Sydney, I'm packing my ute up and driving down to Sydney. (I'm not 100% sure what day to leave considering I want to arrive either the Wednesday or the Thursday).

      Oh, also, in case something happens and I can't move but I can go on holidays, I have a backup plan. I already have a hotel booked that is pay at reception and free cancellation, so if nothing goes wrong, I cancel. If something goes wrong but I can still go on holidays, I have that as a backup.

    • Moving Plans (Part 1?)

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      So, some people may know that I hopefully will be hopefully moving hopefully to Sydney hopefully in the middle of the year. Hopefully. (Hey, @S359 did I say "hopefully" enough, yet?). For once in my life I actually have things planned out. And for some reason, people keep wanting me to explain my plan, so I figured I'd explain it step for step.

      1. Use my saving tips to save up a large amount of money. The reason I'll need a large amount is because as well as moving, there is plenty of other stuff I need money for, such as; needing a new computer because mine crashes a lot (especially if I try streaming), my rego will be due around that time, and I'm pretty sure RTX Sydney tickets will go on sale around that time and I will want a VIP pass again. Also, the amount of money I will spend on fuel as I fully intend to drive down there so that I may stack my stuff up in my ute and take it down with me. And there is one more thing I need money for.

      2. Book a bnb. Yep, for a month or two, depending on how long I can get one for, I will be living in a bnb.

      3. Find a job shortly before I leave Cairns. Because, if I do that, I should hopefully have an interview set up by the time I get down there and I should hopefully (goddamn I say hopefully a lot when talking about this) be able to start making money very quickly.

      4. While staying in the bnb, immediately look for a place to stay. Hey, I need a roof over my head and a place to take showers, don't I? That's another thing I need to save up money for, because if I can save up the money for a bond before I even go down, then I just need money for rent and food (and alcohol. We must never forget the alcohol). And there'll be other bills and shit that I'll need to pay, but I mean, I'm already paying them living with my parents and have been for years.

      5. Maybe get someone to move down with me. Trust me, I've looked into it. I do have a cousin who I easily convinced to move down with me, except that I forgot that he has two dogs and finding a place that allows pets is a) fucking difficult, and b) fucking expensive. (On an unrelated note, if anyone is reading this and would like to partake in this, I will not object. And if anyone is reading this and would suddenly like to give me a place to stay, don't worry, I don't take up much room). But in all seriousness, I have found a website (how clever that it is called where you can look for places to stay and can do teamup things where you and a stranger can look for a place to stay.

      So, there it is. My plan to move to Sydney. And if I move down and all else fails, I break into my mate's house for showers and live in my ute. (And before you say, "why don't you just live with your mate?" trust me, I've asked and he unfortunately doesn't have room. Maybe when he starts making that big actor money he can get a place that I can break into and actually stay in. Also, totally unrelated, when it comes out at the end of the year (I think) you should see his movie debut. imdb page for the movie here and his imdb page here).

    • Savings Tips

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      So, considering I've had some people both from the website and from the *shudders* real world (keep it away form me) asking me how I have managed to save so much money, I figured I'd share some tips.

      1. Be Anti-Social as Fuck.

      Simply put, I am an introvert. I rarely leave the house unless it's for work or I might occasionally go somewhere for lunch. But, as much as I like drinking, I do not like going to clubs. One reason is because of the large amounts of people that are not you guys and so I am not very comfortable around them, and another reason is that I need to save money and so I'd rather spend $45-$60 on a bottle of rum and drink it to myself than spend $20 just to get into a place and then spend hundreds of dollars on drinks. What do I do on the rare occasion me and someone else want to get together to drink? Simple, one of us goes to the other's house. I think the way I put it yesterday while explaining this step to a friend is the best way to put it. The less you leave the house, the less money you are spending, and the more money you are saving.

      2. BUDGET!!!!!

      Okay, I get it. Budgeting can be pretty hard at times and it all comes down to how much you get paid and what payments need to be made. This is easier for me as I am 19 on casual employment and so I get paid quite a lot of money ($21/hour if you were wondering) and I do work quite a lot. But, if you can figure out how much you need for a week, well then, withdraw that money. Everything else goes into savings unless there's a payment coming out. Me for example, I can survive off $150 a week and quite often not even spend all of it. So, say I get paid $500 then I withdraw $150 and the remaining $350 goes into savings. The only exclusions are when my insurance comes out and when I need fuel... Okay, and I buy a bottle of rum every week.

      3. Only The Essentials

      I know you want to buy all the precious little things. Maybe there's a game you want, maybe you want to buy something new that just came out, maybe you want to buy something from the RT Store (that one is sure as hell my weakness). Well, hold off on that. $150 gets me through the week because that covers my lunch, my caffeine addiction, and because I'm too stubborn to get a staff parking card for the shopping center I work at, my parking. Honestly, if I brought lunch from home, kicked the caffeine addiction, and got a staff parking card, I could probably live off of less than $100 a month. But, as mentioned at the beginning, maybe there's something you REALLY wanna buy. Hell, I was just looking at a new laptop that I may be able to afford in a couple of months. It is okay to buy these things off impulse, but first, make sure it won't put a huge dent in your savings. See a shirt in the RT Store for $30? Over $500 in savings? Screw it, buy the shirt. Want a new game that costs $60? $500 in savings? You can afford that. @LUCASthe3RDj is streaming and his birthday was a week ago and you wanna give him £150 which translates to about $200+? Over $1000 in savings? Happy birthday, Luke. ;).

      4. Accept When You Can't Save Money For A Week

      Hell, this past week I actually had to dip into savings. Insurance, rego, and fuel all in the same week. Plus alcohol, plus my standard $150. Even after working two public holidays in a row I still needed to dip into savings after I got paid. I may need to dip into savings soon because I have to have a thing done with my nose. Every road has speed bumps, and the road to savings is no different. Did that even make sense? Anyways, especially if you've been doing a good enough job so far, it isn't the end. Some things are more important than others. This is just something you have to accept.

      So, take my advice and you can do something similar to what I'm doing. Attending RTX Sydney with a VIP pass in a luxury hotel.

      EDIT: It has come to my attention that some people may not know about the Aussie slang that appears in that final step. For those wondering, "rego" is registration. For my car.

    • Random Facts About Me

      1 year ago

      ChrisGhensi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Moron McFuckface

      As usual, I am bored and have a little bit of downtime. So, facts you may or may not have known about me.

      1. I used to play AFL. It started out as a way to get out of school. It was an inter-school sports thing and I was actually skinny at the time. I decided that I'd rather be out playing a game I knew nothing about than being in class learning about something I didn't care about. Afterwards my parents somehow seemed to believe that I liked AFL despite those words never even being thought by me, and so they signed me up to play for the club that is essentially right around the corner from my house. And I have always had trouble speaking to my parents so I ended up playing for that club for two years. And I managed to injure myself both years (my family is EXTREMELY injury-prone, just look at my sister's hospital record). Oh, and both injuries were during training. The first came when we were doing a thing where we were partnered up and told "stick to your partner when on defense" to get used to staying on the opposition. The guy I got partnered up with took this extremely literally. In an attempt to escape him I got behind him and we ended up back to back. And then I took a stud (cleat to you Americans) to the Achilles. I had difficulty walking for about two weeks and that entire time I had a golf-ball-sized lump where I got hit. The other injury...

      2. I have a bad knee. I've mentioned it before and after I may have damaged it even more to the point I may need surgery soon, I'll tell the story for anyone who's interested. During my AFL days, we were doing a lap of the field and somebody had left an equipment bag in the way. There were too many people around me in too many directions for me to go around it, and so I tried to jump over it. I almost made it, until my toes clipped the bag causing my knee to bend and causing me to land knee first on the ground. I cracked right below the growth plate and chipped a little bit of my kneecap, but had no idea of the damage at first. I just figured the only reason I was hurting was because I had just landed on the ground, so I kept running. It wasn't until a week later when my knee was still really sore that I went to a doctor and learned of the damage. Oh, and I was also diagnosed with Osgood–Schlatter disease. If any of you have played the first Saint's Row, do you remember that knee brace Gat had to wear after he was shot in the leg that got referred to as a "robo knee"? I had to wear that same thing. Five years later and the damage still hasn't healed properly due to rarely getting time to relax. Earlier this year I had an MRI done (which was never done when I first got injured) and learned that I have sprained my ACL and I have a small tear on my meniscus. I was told to get off my leg and my workload has only increased since then. But of course, this isn't the only thing that has been a literal pain for me, which leads us to...

      3. My body is severely fucked up. The most recent thing that happened is that I got a concussion last year after taking two severe hits to the head in the space of about half a second (the second hit managed to split my head open, something I was unaware of until about three weeks after it happened, though I can still feel the scar). Having not had the time to recover from that properly, I may currently be suffering from some post-concussive symptoms which have been causing severe headaches. But, that's not all, when I was in grade 1 I got bumped and fell head first off the playground (which caused the school to put a netting over the part I fell through) which has left me with a bad neck and an even worse back (honestly, my neck is rarely a problem, but my back is always competing with my knee over which is in more agony). My right leg has been starting to hurt (it was my left leg that I fucked up) because I've been so dependent on it for so long. I hurt my shoulder pretty much anytime I have to grab something low. Also, while it doesn't hurt, my nose is also pretty fucked up. As far as I know I was born like this, but there is always a chance that I got hit in the nose in a time before I can remember. Either way, my nose occasionally bleeds for no reason (though it used to happen every day), I can't breathe through my nose which has made me a loud breather given some of my airways are blocked, and also, I can't smell. I used to be able to at least smell smoke, but I now can't even smell that. (Common conversation that I used to have with @S359 . S: Do you smell that? Me: All I can smell is snot). Of course, I know @Jon can't smell because of whatever the fuck it's called that pretty much stopped him from hitting puberty. Speaking of puberty...

      4. I hit puberty over night. Actually, having seen Jon's video where he talks about it, we apparently had similar experiences when it came to hitting puberty in that what would normally happen over 6 months happened in only a few hours. Difference is, I was asleep when it happened. I never had the voice cracking or anything else. I just went to sleep one night in grade 10 as a high-voiced midget and woke up the next morning still shorter than I am now, but definitely taller than I was before, and with that deep voice that I have now (bonus fact, I still hear my voice as being really high-pitched until I hear it in a recording). So, yeah, I'm pretty sure my lack of a sense of smell has nothing to do with anything puberty related. But I am commonly asked if I can actually taste. The answer is yes I can, though I appear to have different taste to everyone else. By which I mean...

      5. I hate most modern music.That's right, I'm an 18-year-old old man. I kind of went along with everything until about the late 2000's when I was just sick of all this shitty modern music that all sounds the same and is being pumped out of a corporate machine and slapped with autotune all because people think that if people look more marketable it's better than actually having talent. Honestly, there could be some talented modern artists but I could not give less of a fuck as I have given up on modern music. The radio in my car has not been turned on in over a year. Pretty much the only modern music I actually listen to anymore is, mainly, @williams . Other than that, my taste for music is more 80's and 90's, back in the days of Queen, Nirvana, Meatloaf, fourth person/band I can't think of. And speaking of... you know what, fuck it, you come up with a smooth transition to the next fact.

      6. Mine and my sisters' original names. Well, technically it's not our ORGINIAL names as we were never called this, but we almost were. If it's not obvious from some of my features, I am half Italian. And there is an Italian naming tradition that states that goes as such:

      1. First born daughter gets her paternal grandmother's name

      2. Second born daughter gets her maternal grandmother's name

      3. First born son gets his paternal grandfather's name

      4. Second born son gets his maternal grandfather's name.

      There are some exceptions and more shit about kids named after that, but I don't want to get into it and you can just Google that shit.

      I don't know if this was an addition by my nonna or not, but basically we were supposed to get the other grandparent's name as our middle names. However, had my parents followed that tradition my sisters Sarah and Rebekah would have been Josephine Irene Ghensi and Irene Josephine Ghensi respectively and I would have been Luigi Francis Ghensi. Luckily, my mother decided she doesn't hate us but decided to at least do something to make my nonna happy because Hell hath no fury like a small Italian woman (making this the second day in a row I've used that sentence). So, to please my nonna, mum gave us all biblical names, and to please her even more, gave me my dad's first name as my middle name. (By the way, Irene was the only one to actually go by her full name. Francis went by Frank, Luigi goes by Leo, and Josephine goes by Pina. Though, for both of my grandfathers, it's because they didn't like their names). And all this naming leads to...

      7. The names and the nun story. So my mum told us a story. Remember how I said all of those names are biblical? Well, after having named us all already, a nun told my mum that Sarah and Rebekah were two prostitute friends of Mary Magdalene and Saint Christopher was a pedophile. So, you know, thanks mum.

      There we have it, some facts about me. Yes, I am aware I am very fucked up.

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