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    • nikz07 asked Chelsea a question

      How do you like your eggs?

      Answered: Feb 3, 2016

      There is only one answer...


    • sberry asked Chelsea a question

      What Sponsor perk do you think is the coolest?

      Answered: Feb 3, 2016

      Gold star next to my name.

      I wasn't the brightest kid... NOW I ALWAYS GET THE GOLD STAR.

    • Find Out About YOUR Copy of Lazer Team!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Greetings everyone!

      A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped spread the word about Lazer Team coming to theaters. Y'all have done an amazing job and we cannot wait to have you see the movie.

      Now, the fun stuff! We want to let you, our Backers who helped create the movie, know that your digital copies will be coming on January 26th, packed with special exclusive content that only Backers get to see. You will receive an email on January 26th (the email that you have on BackerKit) with instructions on how to watch.

      We are also very pleased to say that the physical copies of the movie for Backers - both DVD and Blu-Ray - will begin to arrive around January 27th, all based upon shipping and local post office services.

      We are incredibly excited that you will be among the first to see Lazer Team. But hey, be cool with spoilers. A lot of fans will be heading to the theater in the coming days to see the movie, and we'd love for everyone to enjoy the surprises in store.

      Quick Update on Shipping: Most of the tangible items have been shipped out. The estimated delivery for the Signed Scripts is February 2016. People who are still waiting on other items, please contact and Chelsea will be able to look up your order and see the status of it.

      If you have any other questions, concerns, comments, etc... contact us at for some answers! Or message me here on the RT Site!



    • (Sponsor-Only) RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Contest!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Greetings and Salutations!

      Interested in checking out that new RWBY PC game but haven't yet gotten your Christmas gift cards to use on Steam? Well, head on over to the Sponsors Group and check out the little contest that we've put up!

      Only Sponsors will be able to view this page, so if you haven't yet joined the ranks, why don't you check out what all Sponsors will be able to get and give it a second thought? We do offer a 30-Day Free Trial! :)

      Happy RWBY Saturday.


    • Signed Poster Perks Have Shipped Now!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Greetings and Salutations!

      If you have not received a confirmation email already, you will very soon. But as the subject line says, the Signed Posters have been shipped out! That includes the shirt that was also a part of that perk.

      I'm sorry for the delay in getting these together, but I hope you enjoy the poster and everyone we got to sign it!

      If you have questions, let me know!

      IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL, LET ME KNOW ASAP. You may have misspelled your email during the pledging or it could be out of date! :O


    • Lazer Team Backers - Reward Update!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Greetings everyone!

      This is the day you've waited for! It's the day of the World Premiere of Lazer Team occurring in Rooster Teeth's hometown of Austin, Texas, at Fantastic Fest.

      But -- another exciting thing has begun today. We have OFFICIALLY begun to ship out perks to their respective owners. We are shipping out the following items: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Challenge Coins, Mugs and Posters. Additional items will be shipping later -- at no extra cost to you! We'll keep you posted as these become available. :)

      We'd like to thank each and every one of you for confirming your address in the last few days.

      Hey, and when you get your stuff, why not show it off? Post pictures of you and your goodies on Twitter, throw a #LazerTeam in there, and you might get a re-Tweet!

      Remember, if you have any questions, view Lazer Team FAQ [updated with Shipping Information at the bottom!] or contact Chelsea at


    • 2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager
    • Lazer Team Backer Update!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hi everyone!

      Happy One-Year to the Lazer Team Campaign. Can you believe that twelve months ago we were just a few days in to our young crowdfunding experience? Can you believe that NOW we are almost done making a MOVIE?

      Today we come to you with some very exciting updates and a new and updated report card of what we've accomplished!


      By July 3, 2015 you must have a correct physical address listed on If you have lost the link to your survey, please email for your new updated link.


      Shipment Date: We are expecting all tangible items except DVDs and Blu-rays to be shipped out in August 2015. DVDs and Blu-Rays will be shipped out in a later second batch at no additional cost to you.

      If you have not completed your survey, received your survey, or answered questions regarding your perk... WE CAN NOT SHIP YOUR ITEMS. Please email for confirmation of survey completion.

      Update on Stretch Goals!
      RT Shorts: Currently we have released 2 out of 6 promised Shorts. The remaining four will be released sporadically throughout the rest of the year.
      International Premiere: More information will be released in the upcoming months
      Podcast Let's Plays: All four have been released. Follow this link to watch them!
      Game Time Episodes: Currently we have released three episodes. Three more are expected to be released during July 2015.
      StrangerHood Season 2: Don't ask. It's happening. But it's a dark and scary place and we've already made friends at the local asylum.

      Thank you all,

      Remember, if you have questions, concerns, comments or well-wishes, email Chelsea at


      And now, a word from our director himself... Matt Hullum!

      "Hey everybody. Post-production is going AWESOME! Visual effects are looking even better than we imagined and it's all thanks to every single one of you. I can't wait to show you guys what you've made happen. It's going to be amazing."

    • Questions About the Campaign?

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      To the Lazer Team Backers:

      It's about that time again where an update is released informing you on the latest going-ons regarding the Lazer Team IndieGoGo Campaign.

      I imagine many of you will have the same questions, so to answer as many of them as possible, I'll be taking your questions HERE and posting a new, updated FAQ in about two weeks.

      If you're curious about VIP Tickets, Premiere Tickets (for those of you who bought them), shipment date, address changes, etc... Post your questions here and they will be answered soon.

      Happy posting!


    • Lazer Team Campaign & Backer Reward Update!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hi everyone!

      With the campaign closed and behind us, we have been able to move forward deep into the exciting time that is post-production of Lazer Team. There has been lots of editing, pointing and random bouts of yelling from the editorial offices. Sounds thrilling.

      But what's even better is the following news...

      Australia won as the top country to donate the most and thus they get an international premiere! To be hosted in Melbourne at a time yet to be determined but most likely late summer of 2015. *Other Premieres: We are still working on other cities and countries to receive screenings as well.

      While we have been working hard on the distribution of Lazer Team (with good news to be announced soon) we expect the release date of Lazer Team late this summer. That means all merchandise from the campaign will be shipped late this summer with August 2015 at the earliest. After all, we can't ship you the DVD/Blu-Ray of the movie without it being released, can we?

      (Psst... also be on the lookout for two different emails in the next couple of weeks. Trust me, you won't want to miss them!)

      But to keep you busy between now and the release, we have updates on a few of our other stretch goals... (Strangerhood, anyone?)
      - Game Time Episodes: We have three more to show you and they will be released intermittently between now and August.
      - RT Shorts: There are still at least four more to premiere. Trust me, you'll be glad you waited.
      - Strangerhood: Every time I've asked about it the guys just put their heads on their desks and silently cry. I'd say it's coming along nicely.
      - Stage 5 Tour Video: Is officially in the works!

      One last thing...

      SURVEYS. If you pledged and HAVE NOT RECEIVED A SURVEY, email Chelsea ASAP at You are REQUIRED to fill out a survey before you can receive your items or other perks.

      Thank you!

      Remember, Need more help? Have other questions? Contact me at for more information!

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    Or share Fanfiction with me. Yes. Share it. 

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