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    • Day 12, back at it

      2 years ago


      So after a 3 days hiatus from Buffbuddies due to a fenderbender with my shoulder its back in the saddle. And by saddle i mean the very very uncomfortable seat on the stationary rower.

      So from day 1's routine of a 15 minute session every other day i've increased the time to 25-30 minutes, added a session in the morning aswell and found some beginners yoga to help me limber up and work on my poor joints.

      I have been getting some results but it'll be interesting to see the final changes down the road :)

    • No rest on day 7

      2 years ago


      So living about 350 feet from work and having amazingly poor time managing skills i always end up having to sprint over there.

      Now with it only being day 7 of buffbuddies for me, is it too early to feel any results?

      I mean it might just be my imagination or something akin to a placebo effect but i did feel a little less winded clocking in this "morning" :)

      So by slowly stepping up my workout routine i hope to be in moderate good shape for my australian vacation in january. Not sure is my buffbuddies journey will continue down under, i'll just have to wait and see.

    • Buffbuddies day 5. Double down

      2 years ago


      Having had bad knees and weak joints for the last 10-12 years running long distances or hard workouts isnt a great choice for me :(

      So doing the recommended set on a stationary rower, a low impact workout, is pretty ideal for my cardio training.

      However, after reading the tweets and journals of other buffbuddies and how hard you push yourselves,you've made me want to do more.(thanks iguess? :))

      So today and onwards i've adding another session before work aswell as the session after work.

      So here's to sweating even more.

    • Day 3 of buffing it done

      2 years ago


      Another day, another work out. Beside from the ache in my lower back i have to say it feels pretty good :)

      Remembering whats it was like back when i used to play soccer and was actually in shape is a nice spur to keep going. I miss being able to run more than 300 feet (distance to work) and feeling winded.

      Heres to keeping it going with the rest of the buffbuddies

    • My try at BuffBuddies

      2 years ago


      My first BuffBuddies entry is my very firsy RT entry at all :)

      My goal is the improve my stamina, which sucks) and maybe get back some lost abs in the process.

      Im heading to Australia for the first time for three whole months in januari so my home work out will be cut a bit short. (Any tips for my travels are welcome)

      Work out will consist of 15 minutes on my stationary rower every other day. 10 minutes on setting 2 of 5 at a steady pace and then really "crank dat shit up" for the last 5.

      Hopefully i will be able to start at a higher setting as the work out continues.

      So to me and to you, good luck with the BuffBuddies experience

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