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    • Two Fans in need of help *Remembering RTX2015*

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      I feel like a bit of an a-hole doing this, but we really need the help I've been sharing this everywhere that I can and I have an account on:

      My Fiance is 35 year old and had to have a pacemaker put in because his S/A node (the heart's natural pacemaker) gave out for no known reason. His heart rate was down to 40-45 beats per minute vs. the average of 60-65 beats per minute. Three days before his surgery he had an EKG machine hooked up to himself recording his heart because he complained to his doctor about feeling his heart flutter, and I would lay my head on his chest and hear his heart skip beats. The EKG showed that his heart would stop. It stopped 688 times over the course of 48 hours, with those stops being 0.2 seconds at the shortest and 3.88 seconds at the longest. The hospital called and said he had to come in, a bunch more tests and another night leading to another 279 pauses with the longest being 4.25 seconds.

      I've seen what the Rooster Teeth and AH communities have done for other followers.... My fiance suggested posting to the Youtube channels that were our favorites, and the two forums we frequent. I remember a group of late-teens/early twenty somethings coming down to RTX2015 and getting into an accident, and how the RT Community pulled through for those families and individuals. I'm hoping to tap into that.... So if you have time to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, youtube in one of your videos, on a webpage, please do if you choose to, please and most importantly thank you. And if you have the ability to donate and chose to, please and also most importantly thank you. From the bottom of both of our hearts, we would appreciate it beyond belief.

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    • RTX 2015 Videos on Youtube

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      I noticed the RTX2015 videos were slowly being removed from the RT page. What gives? You guys streamed some of the stuff, even some of the big announcements were made off stream... Why take it down, or mark them as Private? Everybody's gonna find out from the community sites, why not let them hear it from the horses' mouth? What gives? :'(

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    • 3 years ago

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