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    • Internship (update)

      4 months ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      For the last 6 weeks I've had the wonderful privilege of internship for a publishing company- they publish multiple magazines in Florida and I've actually subscribed to their work off-and-on over the years - however now that I'm more situated and confident in my abilities, compared to college it's less taxing as an individual but working as a part of a bigger network of people means there's a much narrower space for errors. Luckily everyone I'm learning from are wonderful women of the industry; extremely knowledgeable and couldn't possibly be any more welcoming. 

      I've been editing photos, designing layouts, having had to make anyone a single cup of coffee (thank god, this was a literal anxiety trigger for me my first day) and even better I was given my own desk and Mac to work with! The space is a little cramped since the Senior Editor sits behind me; plus there's the nervous possibility she's peeking over my shoulder while I work sometimes, but I like the pressure. One of the biggest differences I'm noticing is in college typically you handle majority of a project yourself -- designing, printing, editing, presenting, etc.  -- so you develop this 'take it all on' mindset, but in the field I'm seeing there's layers of people who make it more of a process. Honestly that negative little part of me was expecting to be fired within the week; expecting them to give me some massive gap in my knowledge that to them was basic. However, I'm proud to say from what the Senior Editor tells me I'm doing fantastic! 

      Now for the reason I'm posting this entry... I wanted to encourage anyone who happens to scroll through some random journals to keep themselves motivated, never think you're done trying. 4-years ago I had no confidence in my abilities or any strong ambition to something special. Admittedly I still struggle with those a bit, however I've gotten a lot better! What I'm saying is: don't fixate on how little you're growing, cause we'll all get there just at different rates. If there's one thing this internship has taught me it's persistence isn't just a skill but a necessity. 

      P.S. Today the Senior Editor pulled me aside and offered me a Part-Time job there once my internship is over. I. Will. Be. Paid! 

    • I'M AN INTERN!!

      5 months ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      Wonderful, amazing, genital tingling good news everyone! 

      For those who don't know me personally, I'm a senior art student earning my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and I'm approaching the end of my program. One of the final requirements is that I complete a particular number of hours working for an actual company. Because of how I prioritized classes (mainly taking the ones I liked first then the core subjects) I didn't bother looking for an internship until I knew the course was approaching. I BULLSHIT YOU NOT, 3 months of looking and sending around 10-15 emails a week to companies in my area I only received around 5-8 replies. It was brutal, there was a period I sincerely thought I'd have to drop the course and waste time postponing my graduation. 

      However, this is the part that saved everything! A magazine publisher for multiple titles in my county emailed me requesting an interview, everything went well and I think they liked me for the most part. The only critical thing that worried me was that the internship position they had was for around half the hours I'd need to complete my program. Shit looked grim. Around a week later, while I basked in a combination of depression and melted Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream one of my professors emailed me; he told me that someone from the publishing agency had reached out to check my references and if I'd be qualified for the position. I was told they talked me up, put in a great word and convinced them to hire me for the max hours I needed. 

      It's 2 weeks into my internship, I've been actually working with clients and doing big-boy work. It's a little chaotic at times but god it feels so good too actually do what I've been striving for, especially when it seemed like it just wouldn't happen. 

      Hope that this journal entry perks you up, I was a terrible student in high school and honestly it caused me to have lackluster aspirations but this victory has me pumped to see what's next! 

    • The Creative Cliff

      8 months ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      when I attended high school, I drew on all my work sheets. During contests or competitions that involved art everyone knew I'd enter, eventually I felt even a sense of pressure to participate. I love art, my drawing is rough and my illustration skills are amateur at best... But as I approach my 4th year of college I feel a new pressure weighing me down lately.

      Since being accepted into college and experiencing being surround by such amazing and talented people I've long since made up my mind about working in the creative industry. Can you imagin it? New, exciting challenges every day and working as part of a team to actually get paid for your ideas and creative insight! However, these 4 years have educated me on more than my field of study...

      My Bachelor's Degree is in Graphic Design, essentially it's like being a digital handy-man whose expected to know everything from printing business cards to coding websites. To be perfectly honest, it's really restraining and ridiculously competitive. My designs for branding are decent but it feels like everytime I become mediocre at one skill I discover there's another where I'll need to master just to hold down an average Design job... It feels like I'm constantly striving for the middle.

      School is just practice, the industry is the real deal and that frightens me. Not just that I won't be useful but because time I've invested can never be taken back. The cliff I'm approaching is huge and intimidating, I'll survive it regardless if I fly or fall, but the impact will hurt just as badly. My reason for writing this isn't to whine or bring attention to myself, more like bring attention to everyone who faces this cliff in their lives. And praise those who willing leap forward braving the anxiety and uncertainty. Would you leap or do you require a push? Ultimately I like to think experiences help prepare us just to aim for new heights.

      Thank you for tolerating my little rambling, it's 6:30AM and I watched RT content that made me feel oddly philosophical. TTFN, Ta Ta For Now

    • List of: Things Yang Can't Do With One Arm

      2 years ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      1. Sweep 

      2. Wear a long sleeve (without tying it)

      3. Put her hair in a ponytail 

      4. Open a pickle jar 

      5. Start a round of applause 

      6. Not look like a war veteran

      7. Wear a pair of gloves 

      8. Work a DJ's turntable 

      9. Play video games against Ruby (maybe now she'll win)

      10. Get Raven's approval

      11. Physically count past 5 

      12. Look at her new arm and NOT think of Penny

      13. Play Pat-A-Cake

      14. Draw her hand as a turkey 

      15. Put on a sock puppet show with more than one puppet

      16. Make armless jokes

      17. Pump it, pump it real good

      18. Be hARMLESS

      19. Forget about Adam 

      20. Use a computer mouth with the correct hand. 

      Notice how "fight" wasn't listed? That's because Yang is still one of the best damn characters on RWBY and I'm excited to see she's getting back on her feet. Why did I spend time to actually think this list up? I figured it'd be fun to try and get Barbara to laugh at a few. 

    • Which "Dere" does it best?

      2 years ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      In anime, there are certain character personalities that are always included in a particular character(s). Some Manga writers try to stray from these cliche tropes while others embrace them proudly. These personality types are the "Dere" which are most commonly found in female characters, mostly in harem or high school themed anime. 

      These Dere include: 

      Tsundere - A Character that acts mean or often violent towards the protagonist/main characters, however deep down has a sweet inside. 

      Yandere: A sweet and cute character on the outside, however their affection/obsession with the protagonist/main characters boarders on the dangerous or even psychotic. 

      Kuudere: Unemotional character who acts cool, however after connecting with the protagonist/main characters begins to show a sweet side. 

      Dandere: Anti-Social character who usually avoids other people, that is until befriended by the protagonist/main characters. 

      There are a variety of different 'Dere' that come in all kinds of combinations, but for now lets focus on these main four. As an anime fan I've been aware of these types mainly during my High School years with people I've known, befriended, or dated. I've always liked one type of 'Dere' in one anime, but like the opposite in another. 

      Which do you think is the best type of Dere? Personally I have a soft spot for the Kuudere type; something about getting a laugh or a smile from a normally unemotional person is just so rewarding. Which type do you prefer? Can you think of a particular set of characters who fit these styles?

    • Yuri on Ice, not that bad.

      2 years ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      So I recently watched Yuri on Ice for the first time, I binged up to episode 9 on Crunchyroll just to see what the hype was about. To be fair, probably like most first-time viewers I know NOTHING of figure skating however the intro song was so damn catchy and had such fantastic visuals (which I swear they update every episode!) that I kept watching. Personally I think it's alright, not an anime for me because I eventually lose interest in these heavy romance themed anime (no I don't have a problem that they're men). The few shows I actually watched to make sure the characters ended up together was Clannad, High School Host Club, and Toradora. 

      The animation was incredible, the smoothness of the movements was much more than I was expecting given how plain the characters seemed in the first episode. Viktor and Yuri definitely seem cute together, as the series goes on they incorporate different harem-like troupe characters into the mix (tsundere, Kuudere, Dandere, etc), which is to be expected. It had some great emotional scenes, some touching moments, but I feel like Yuri on Ice is just not something I'd follow. Not that it isn't good, I just prefer more humor/action mixes in anime. I can definitely see why my female friends are hooked on it now. 

      It's good to see an anime that dares to be different gets the spotlight, not so much for being about male romances but for trying to include something as relatively unexplored like figure skating. Odds are I'll give it the rest of this season, but I'll suggest it to anyone who likes romance themed anime. 

    • American accents in Japan.

      2 years ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      So I'm watching WWW.WAGNARI!! on Crunchyroll when I notice some of the characters begin speaking English, which isn't too uncommon in some anime but often it has a very distinct tone to it. While its understandable that Japanese and English are literally two completely different languages I can't help but wonder what American's sound like to those in Japan. Are we charming like a British accent? Friendly like an Australian accent? Or do we actually have that same broke-ish tone whenever an American tries to speak Japanese? 

      It's completely understandable if voice actors need to pace themselves before reading a line in English and obviously some more experienced actors may be able to hit an American accent better. I'm curious about the majority's opinion on how American voice actors would sound reading Japanese. 

    • Why toast?

      2 years ago

      AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

      In every anime you usually see a fine selection of cliches: skirts being blown up by a random breeze, female characters being ridiculously stranger than the protagonist, etc. But one that has always confused me is...why do school-themed anime characters usually have a scene where they're running to school (usually late) with a piece of toast? 

      I heard its to communicate that they're 'air headed', like they woke up late and had to grab something quick to eat, but I mean specifically why toast? Wouldn't it be more convenient to grab fruit or something pre-made or doesn't require toasting? it a fetish thing? Is there a 'toast fetish'? I'm seriously scared to Google it. 

      It's a totally stupid observation, but every time I see one of these scenes I think "wait, so she's the ONLY character our of hundreds to ever be late for a class?" Then I imagine what if a handful of random characters all met on the train/sidewalk each running to school with toast in their mouths. 

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