100 imaginary points if you can identify the source of the subtitle on this journal.

Last round results:

Jessica Jones vs Ant-Man

Scott quickly shrinks down and starts jumping around and punching Jessica. The hits are powerful, but Jessica can take it. What she can't seem to do is land a hit of her own. He's just too small and quick. So it seems like they're at a stand-still, until Ant-Man tries his last-ditch effort. He grows enormous and moves to step on her instead. It works. Eww.

Quake vs Dark Willow

Daisy throws out an arm to shoot a blast of quake-force at Willow, but the evil magic girl deflects it with a wave of her hand. Then with a second wave, she rips Quake's skin from her body, and that's all she wrote. Once again, eww.

Time for a new round. Hopefully less messy than the last one.

Aang vs Magneto


Aang is the Avatar, master of all 4 bending disciplines. He can manipulate air, water, fire and earth. He can also use the Avatar State a connection to all of his past lives, harnessing the experience and skill of all of his many past lives to do incredible powerful things, such as creating new islands or surviving for 100 years encased in ice. 

Magento is the master of magnetism. His ability to manipulate metal ranges from the microscopic to objects the size of buildings or even larger. He can use his powers to make himself fly (by wearing metal on his body) and his manipulation of magnetic fields extends to generating forcefields around himself to block attacks or even survive in space.

Black Canary vs Harry Dresden


Black Canary is an expert in a dozen forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. She's one of the top fighters in the DC universe, and that's without her power. The Canary Cry is a sonic shockwave she can create from her mouth that is powerful enough to destroy almost anything in its path if she's trying hard enough.

Harry Dresden is a private investigator and a wizard. He can manipulate the forces of nature. He's most skilled with fire and force, but he's got skills with wind and earth magic as well. His magical foci increase his ability to channel his power. For instance, his blasting rod can help him generate extremely powerful gouts of flame, while his shield bracelet lets him create a shield that can be tuned to block anything from bullets and magic to light and sound. He's got a bullet-proof duster and usually a gun in his pocket.

Pick one winner from each fight.