Howdy Ya'll (which is a thing we say in Texas, without irony)

Tomorrow we're having a "Geoff Line" drop, but this one is a little different than the usual fare. It's called "Simple Geoff", and it will be the first stocked shirt in my line.

The idea behind the Geoff line of merch, is that the limited nature of the items A) appeals to my love of collecting things, but more importantly B) allows us the flexibility of trying out new and different ideas, while limiting the risk associated with buying large amounts of stock (as we traditionally do), freeing us up to be more creative. 

To that end, I know there are a lot of you that can't be parked on the internet on a Friday, waiting for my dumb stuff to drop, so we've come up with this idea.

Completely in addition to the normal Geoff stuff that drops in limited quantities, we will have one constant shirt, a "Simple Geoff" shirt if you will, that is continually available for purchase, and rotates out on a quarterly basis. So, Feb 16th will be the first iteration of that. It's a knife logo pocket tee in green (shown below), that will be for sale until roughly Q2 2018, where we will refresh and change it in some way, and sell that version. 

Does that make any sense? I'll try a TLDR: Normal Geoff line will continue to function as always, with the addition of a quarterly "Simple Geoff" shirt you can pick up whenever, and not have to worry about missing the drop. Hopefully this will satisfy collectors and non-collectors alike! If you have any questions about this journal (and only this journal), please ask them here and I will try and answer. 


P.S. There's a hat dropping tomorrow that IS LIMITED.