Well, it seem the holiday break got the best of me. Rather than splitting all my mobile games from 2017 into various articles, I'll blast them all out right here, right now. I'm too excited for the hot games of this year to dwell any longer on what my thumbs did last year. (You know, because you use your thumbs on your phone screen... don't be gross!)

As a reminder, I try to keep it positive with how I rate games. Much like pizza, all games are at least "ok" to some degree. As such, here's my pizza based rating system, as a guide.

Battle Bay  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

Really awesome, real time PvP boat combat game. This one I played so much, I had to delete it before I started paying for in-game currency. I loved upgrading my ship and taking on increasingly higher level opponents.


Golf Clash  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

On the surface, Golf Clash is a pretty chill, turn-based golf game. Once you play a bunch (which I totally did… another delete or lose my monies situation), each shot can be pretty intense. Miss and lose rank. Make it and get loot! Really fun and worth a few moments of your time.


Pokemon: Magikarp Jump  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Basic Cheese

I mean, is this not just a Cookie Clicker-like? I love the little-fish-that-could as much as the next trainer, but this ’game’ was just a bit of software that reminded me to click stuff to increase various stats. Hmm… I guess, to a degree, at their core, that describes most games… Anyhoo. I did have some fun. The game is pretty. You might dig it. It just didn’t make a… splash with me.


(Not sure what it says, but it's a good screenshot)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Trusty Pepperoni

To call this an Animal Crossing game is a bit of a misnomer. Like Magikarp Jump, I felt this was more of an elaborate spreadsheet visualizer than a game. Don’t get me wrong, I loved designing my camp and camper for folks to swing by and see, but that is the extent of the depth. Cute as hell while I played it. It’s a great advertisement for the next core AC game (hopefully Switch).


This is(was) my actually camp. Bask in the glory of my design skillz!

Fire Emblem Heroes  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

This totally scratched my Fire Emblem itch… for a time. It had the handheld, tactics feel and the presentation was great. I really got into the gachapon style of hero distribution. Over all, this is pretty damn fun, but I played it early on when it was probably more shallow than it is now (i’d bet).


Thanks it! That's all the mobile games I feel I played enough to have some sort of opinion on. Next time I'll dig into all my console and PC games. Then, to finish off my 2017 gaming wrap up, I'll let y'all know what board games I dove into and loved. Spoilers, there's still a ton of games to cover!

Let me know if you found some mobile gems that I should check out. I'm always looking for something new to play. 

Here's to 2018!