I am not one for New Year's resolutions. However, I did come up with something to challenge myself with at the beginning of this year throughout the month of January that I think has been kind of fun to do. I like movies. A lot. But often I feel like as a movie buff I am not watching enough new movies to broaden my library. And by new I mean specifically new to me, not necessarily just "new releases". I go to Alamo enough nowadays to see most movies I want to see as they come out but there is such a back catalogue of good (and not so good) movies I have missed over the years that I feel obligated to commit some time to solving that issue. So here's the challenge then: Every day, for the entire month of January, watch at least one new movie I have never seen before!

So far, I am on track and have been logging my progress on LetterboxD, my online movie diary that Andy turned me on to.GUehHqX.png

If you wanna play along with me, feel free to let me know what you're watching in the comments and what you thought of it. I think we all could generally do a better job about how we express our responses to seeing movies beyond "I liked it" or "that sucked" so this might be good practice for all of us.

I am going to write another post after this one later about my favorite I have watched so far this year, which was Kyle Mooney's "Brigsby Bear", which also included a nice appearance of my buddy Nick Rutherford in it as a little cherry on top.

If you guys have suggestions for all time "must watch movies" I should add to my list, feel free to add those in the comments as well.

xoxo The Risemonger