Hello again. Nathan Isherwood here, marketing person for the Rooster Teeth Store and owner of an unofficial Macho Man Randy Savage credit card. I’ve got some relatively unexciting but potentially useful news for you that I’d like to share about a new integration we’re trying out on the store website: browser push notifications.


Why? In 2017 I often got feedback that customers missed out on a lot of the juicier bits of what we had planned for the store. Things like product launches, sales, limited edition merch, etc. The Geoff line launches were a huge one. Even if you follow us on Twitter or are signed up to receive our emails, it can still be tough to get all the details you want on merch releases for your favorite shows with all the other Twitter accounts you follow and emails you receive. So this is just one more opportunity for you to hear from us.

No, this is not the new white banner. Promise. Browser push notifications are entirely opt-in, which means that the next time you head to The RT Store you’ll likely see a message asking if you’d like to receive browser push notifications from us. You can say no, but hopefully you won’t. You can also opt-out and later change your browser settings to start receiving notifications from us, and vice versa. Here’s a handy blog post about how opting-in and opting-out works.

Also, the notifications you get are easy to close and not at all intrusive to your browsing or viewing experience. These are not bigass ads; they’re small messages from your web browser. Very similar to a notification you’d receive from Google Calendar, for instance.

If you have any questions about push notifications or Macho Man Randy Savage, please feel free to comment below. And thank you so much for shopping with us. Talk soon.