This show has been an absolute joy to make, and @MLaPorte and I are extremely excited that we are able to share it with you.  However, M&A wasn’t only the product of two people’s hard work, it was a labor of love for whole crew as well, and wouldn’t be possible without them.  

Making the first season of the show was a really intense crash course over 3 weeks. Not only for myself, getting to know all the processes involved with making props, but for the crew as well.  Taking that learning experience, feedback from all of you, and given the chance to make more episodes, we plan on making the show even better.

Master & Apprentice’s main intention as a show is to inspire creativity, and diffuse the fear of learning something new.  It has been through a ton of hurdles and iterations, and now that we’re finally able to make the show the way we envisioned, we’re pretty over the moon.  We really hope you guys enjoy the series, and we look forward to your feedback, as well as seeing all the fun stuff you’re working on.

Thank you all so much for watching. We’ve got a couple more episodes left, including a BIG season finale prop we hope you check out.