Happy Holidays Y'all! 

The time of giving and thanks is upon us, from now until the merry and jolly days that is the majority of December. During this time of year, we usually take a moment to say, "Thank You!" or "Happy Holidays!" more often. There are smiles, cheers, and all around good laughter and tears. 

Those of us here at Rooster Teeth never want that time to be lessened either, so this year we're hosting something simple and FUN. 

It's a Holiday Card Exchange!

What is that, you may ask. Well, a Holiday Card Exchange is where you sign up with your address, many other someones else sign up with their addresses and we switch 'em all around and you're assigned someone to send a pretty little holiday card to. 

It's low cost and effort, but the effect of someone receiving a handwritten (or DRAWN!) card is immeasurable. 

If you feel like being in the holiday spirit sign up today to participate! 



You'll be sent your match on December 1, 2017. If you have any questions, contact us at community@roosterteeth.com


If you decide to be a Grinch, and any reports come in where you didn't send out a beautiful little card, you will be blacklisted from all future gift exchanges.