So we got a cat last week. He's 6 months old, and we adopted him from a rescue in the Metroplex (Dallas/Ft. Worth for you non-Texans). Meet Dimitri:


He's part Russian Blue, hence the name. He's been a lot of fun since we brought him home. Loves being petted. Dislikes cellphones. Mostly I think, to him, if you have a phone in your hand, you're completely wasting a hand that could be used for petting him instead, even if your other hand is already petting him. 

Jennifer has a lot more experience owning cats than me. So she is taking the lead on several things. For instance, she's determined that we should get him declawed. So that could potentially happen soon. I've heard that it's cruel, but I don't know.

We started him off in our bathroom, in my closet. So he would have a nice safe room to hide from people in while he got used to us. He got comfortable pretty quickly with moving from there into our bedroom where he sleeps under the bed most of the time, unless we're in the bed, in which case he'll jump up to get us to pet him. This sometimes includes while we're sleeping. If he sees a hand, then he may well headbut it until it pets him, whether the person is initially conscious or not. It's funny.

He's still kind of scared of the rest of the house though. Today while we were working is the first time he's ventured across the house to the office for more than a moment. He's currently napping under my desk:


I haven't had a cat since I was like 4. So lots of new experiences for me. It's been interesting. One thing is, Dimitri seems to love television. If we turn on the TV in our bedroom he will instantly appear from beneath the bed and jump up to watch with us. That alone makes him fit in pretty well around here.