Hey there, If you don't follow our Twitter (Which you obviously should!), you may have missed that we have a special guest on this week's Friday show! It's going to be great!

Now that you're curious about who we will be joined by, we should probably tell you who it is. Now, prepare yourselves, you're going to be exicted!

@Kyle will be our guest DJ THIS Friday!  zlSvFMb.jpg

We're super excited that Kyle will be joining us for his first RT Radio set and we cant wait to see what he comes up with! The chat is open to FIRST and non-FIRST members so if you want to see Kyle flexing his DJ skills you can join us at 4PM CDT/10PM BST! The chat can be found here.

The show will run down a follows:

4-5PM Central - The Kyle Taylor Show

5-7PM Central - @Lamkia will host the remaining part of the show

See you on Friday!