So some people on forums with me may have seen me mention it but this week has been interesting so I thought i'd make a quick journal post about it

Monday 6.00am

Awoken by my wife who is wanting me to take her to work saying that her phone is blowing up with messages from one of my staff members

Monday 6.05am

Get added to the chat and find out our warehouse we work out of is suspected to have been caught on fire as part of a larger fire in the unit next to ours on Sunday night

Monday 7.00am

Try to contact my boss (who is also the owner of the company), his phone s switched off as he was on holiday until Monday anyway

Monday 8.00am

Finally raised my boss after ringing his house and speaking with his son who informed me he was asleep and he would wake him up.......meanwhile chat discussion is going mental with speculation as police and fire won't let us near building (i'm at home btw as i didn't want to drive 45 minutes to get stuck outside) 

Monday 9.00am

All staff sent home temporarily (or told to wait in my case) boss is on scene, still no access or idea of damages

Monday 9.30am

Boss told Forensic Police on route, fire out but no access until building declared safe and forensics done

Monday 10.00am-12.30pm

Boss is told by helpful police guy that it is almost certainly Arson attack, at lunchtime we are allowed access all staff called in (there's only 5 of us for clarification)

Monday (Rest of Day) and Onwards

All arrive stories told, turns out from police that it was deliberate arson attack as they have clear CCTV of the guy smashing in the triple glazed door with his foot! and then walking downstairs setting a fire and walking upstairs and setting a fire (not a smart arsonist setting fire to his exit route). 

We begin the clean up as there is a 2 inch thick layer of soot and fire dust, we have a hole in our roof where their one collapsed dragging ours with it (not massive to be fair but annoying) and 2 big holes in the roof for emergency smoke vents used by fire brigade

Most of our product may be a write off but assessors have to decide that, so now we just play teh insurance waiting game

So there you go, interesting start to my week. I'm constantly covered in soot for the last 2 days but luckily our building and contents are more or less ok given how wrecked the unit next door certainly could have been worse.....

Thanks for reading this tale, and stay lovely to each other