So for those of you who play Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Drunk Tanks were lucky enough to be invited to the first ever SWTOR Guild Summit. Woohoo! Supposedly there's going to be some Q&A time with the game developers.

Personally I've got a list of things to ask about, but I'm more interested into seeing into the minds of the creators of the high level / PVE endgame content. See how the minds of the people (i hope) to be challenging me and my raid force for the years to come.

But, What about you guys? Comment below & I'll see if I can work it into our discussions.

Supposedly they're wanting to do some kind of Live Stream stuff so people you don't get to go, can at least watch. I'll post (or atleast tweet) a link once I have one. :)

-- Adam (aka Kyior)