Lots of stuff going on with me lately, and some of it isn't even my fault!

I have a cat living with me now. She's plenty old n' nice. Here's an emoticon to express my feelings on the subject:

There's some podcast made by some assholes from some social group on which some bitch appears as a guest and talks about some stupid comic she made. And poop. You can check it out here.

A Day-Care Centre is up and running for all your baby chupas. Thanks to SuperPriv4te for getting that started!
If you missed your chance to adopt a lil' chupathingy of your own, I'd watch the group carefully in the near future. Just sayin'.

Thanks to coolrx24 and mystery guest #3 for hanging out in livestream with me Thursday night (next time I stream I'll give some advance notice, promise.) I drew this fella for Sebastyan, a chupa-character of his own. With the color selections he gave me, I had to take care not to make him look like Tucker. Dubious success.

Finally, special thanks to the over 100 watchers I now have! It's been an honor gettin' to know you guys and fun times, warm fuzzies, etc. Here's another emoticon just for y'all:


And a chat quote to go on:

--- Final Fantasy VII
AgentTon: Poem from Cloud to Aeris at the time of her death.
spiderflower: Dear Aerith
spiderflower: You died
spiderflower: It sucked
spiderflower: I cried
spiderflower: I hope you won't mind
spiderflower: When we left you behind
spiderflower: I gave you one for the road