Well, I didn't see this coming. My How could this happen to Lyra? video just passed 100,000 views! ^-^

One day way back in October an extremely bored guy named Jeff decided to make his first pony video. It was a simple one; one that took a mere 5 mins to make in Pinnacle Studio. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tiny bit miffed that this video did so well when it hardly took any effort what so ever to make, as opposed to my PMV's that take a lot more time and effort to produce. Still doesn't mean i'm not grateful though!

I think the best thing about this is the video responses people have made. It wasn't until after I made a "followup" video called How could this happen to Dashie? that people started to make their own. As of this journal I have 7 video responses, and I smiley12.gif them all!

From some of the comments, it makes me really really happy that this video (as small and insignificant as it may be) has made people a little bit happier, even if it was just for the brief moment that they watched it. It's reactions like those that make me excited to get into the Digital Media world this fall to learn to make content to entertain people and evoke an emotion to something I help create smiley1.gif

Now back to listening to Smile, Smile, Smile! because that song is catchy as all hell! smiley13.gifsmiley12.gif