Today marked a HUGE moment in the achievement hunter community as they, I'll address why I say "they", reached their 500th video posted today. Oddly enough that was MY video which was the last in my Darksiders shard and artifacts collectable guide.

On a personal note those videos were an odd mix of pain and joy. Going through all the game and making sure to not miss a single thing, which I ended up doing anyway foolishly, and that can get a little stressful. I honestly had spreadsheets, 3 guides, and a few other things to try to make sure and going a few steps filled me with dread that i would NOT remember to start filming when i needed to, not get a camera angle right. and you get one shot at this. Well ok if I had half a brain i could have gotten like 20 chances at everything but sometimes i take so much time planning things, thinking, that sometimes I miss obvious things in the process, but that all beside the point.

The joy I got from the video had to be when I had everything edited together and started doing commentary. At first my thought was 7 videos, 7 intros, 7 different commentators since about a week before hand some people had started doing commentaries with people who hadn't had the opportunity to do videos before. Then I realized that this video series would be my first dual-com so I had to go with a pro. BioHRay had the most experience of people I had been in contact with from the community side of Achievement Hunter. And honestly we did the commentary for 6 out of the 7 videos in a lil under 3 hours. Dont get me wrong we did them all in one take though the fact we didnt do them all really killed the flow of the videos. Specifically video 4 but hey we got all the collectable so fuck it. The reason it took 3 hours...after each video we just KEPT talking, most of the time about something we talked about in the video. It was hilarious fun and wish i had recorded every last second of it for upload somewhere else.

Now why i addressed the community as "they" I've been at this for 2 months total. I feel like I just got lucky with being the 500th video and really think many of the members of the community who have been at this much longer. I'm honored to be mentioned as the 500th but also want to acknowledge that there are 499 OTHER videos, with a wide range of people who did their videos first. I just started at the right time I guess and hope to keep going as long as I can.