As like that other Brit who believes in Wiper fluid I too have ventured onto the continent. I'm in Frankfurt and am going to actively use this journal daily so I am taking about Monday on a Wednesday, thats how actively I'm using the journal! Well its better than most of my ramblings on here.

SO anyway I got up at 3.45am after realising at 11pm my passport was at my parents house all the way across town for safe keeping! So anyway after 30 minutes to get it and the 40 minutes back (i'm still struggling why it took longer one way than the other) I get to bed for about 3 hours. Wake up and head to the airport. Alls good though na airport at 4.30am all you have is business guys, security line is like fucking heaven but I digress. SO I head onto the plane and in the word's Geoff sat next tpo this fucking CUNT!!!! who is on her iPhone this like 50year old thinks it ok and the stewardess comes over and say bput it away so she does but only on lock!! Anbd as soon as we starts accelerating she gets it out to chekc her e-mail! Now at 6am what the fuck is so important as to fuck with the pilots instruments?

Anyway after giving her evil eye for whole flight I get ot Frankfurt and the client meets me and promptyl does 3 circles round the airport explaining the architecture. Yeah we get it buddy its a fucking airport woop-de-fucking-do. Get to client work for like half a day and get to hotel as I'm fucked from lack of sleep.

I get room sevice (after paying 20 euros or about $30 for a fucking plug adapter) order a pizza from a menu I can't read I get it and its Ham, Mushroom and fucking Truffles now I thought hmm thats wierd so try to eat a slice hands down one of the fucking gross things I've ever put in my mouth. But fuck it I just spent 20 euros on this things it going into my fucking body. It was so fucking wierd by the end my tongue felt like it had grown fur.

Anyway I download some old republic patch (which depressingly was incredibly quick in comparison to my allegedly quicker internet line at home) and went to bed after like 21 hours awake. Oh also did I mention my colleagues thought it good to fuck me over and give me a tonne of work but fuck em its not happening.

Anyway day 1 was done, stay tuned for day.....2!