Episode 94: Tucker Knows Best

Red vs. Blue: Episode 94: Tucker Knows Best

The world ends (again). For real this time. All episodes after this one are prequels.

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Comments (850)

  • RobertCasert

    3 years ago

    i wanted to see her naked

  • mithyekayla

    4 years ago

    Bow Chicka Honk Honk...Genetics

  • ZebbraFries FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    5 years ago

    "OWW! WHAT THE F*UCK DID I DO?!" ~Church

    Best line ever. Of all time.

  • Metacon

    5 years ago

    great episode, funniest line ever

    Simmons: "i cant find the volume on this monitor, and without any sound it just looks like a bunch of heads bobbing up and down"
    Sarge: "is that how they talk? they look ridiculous!" *bobbing head up and down*

  • TylerShinn

    5 years ago

    lol the first monment BOW CHIKA BOWOW

  • Perraith

    5 years ago

    "Why does Donut get to look?" - Simmons

    "Hey, why does the Blue Base get so much more natural light than ours?" - Donut

    *sigh* Only Donut

    "How would you accidently kill people?" - Church

    "Hm. Well I could always..." - Cabose

    Always thinking one step ahead aren't we Caboose?

    Sorry, but no one can keep it up. Not Tex. Not the Alien. Not Caboose. The sword only works for Tucker.

  • jdc11

    5 years ago

    Bow Chicka Honk Honk ♪~

  • SilverSpade0

    5 years ago

    Bow Chica Honk Honk is genetic XD

  • TeeBoNe56

    5 years ago

    The world ended when tucker shot tex... u just dont know it cause... THEIR ON A GIANT HALO IN THE MIDDLE OF SPACE!!!!

  • Mattman13579

    5 years ago

    Anyone else see the Viacom copyright page?

    • EagleEye25 Gav-Crusher, Crushin' th

      2 years ago

      Same here

  • Muaz

    5 years ago

    wow tucker is a better shot than church.........thats sad

  • gazzon

    5 years ago

    For 10 second before the end is epic fail for Church

  • Lilpg98

    6 years ago

    how is this the last episode? u should have showed sister when she was on the computer. before she put the armor back on. so when she was naked

  • lazygrif630

    6 years ago

    tucker:so how do i*shoots tex in back* WHOOPS!
    church:give me that back. i knew there was a reason i never let you use it before!
    *tex walks up*
    tucker:hey tex what are you doing back
    tex:*hits church*ASSHOLE!

  • Bam5109

    6 years ago

    shut up it was rituricle

  • inet911

    6 years ago

    I love the way Church doesn't like "The grub" Hilarious!

  • Carrie1234

    6 years ago

    "Tex needs me and Church to back her up"
    Freaky Alien Grub Tucker Son + Prophecy Dragonoid thingy? "Blarg chicka honk honk"

    • Bowchikahonkhonk

      1 year ago

      "I guess you have been teaching him stuff"

      "That's just genetic!"

  • Shiny_Blarg1

    6 years ago

    invest in real-estate, there is` no such thing as a permanent record...

    Blarg Chicka HONK HONK

  • grifman275 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    6 years ago

    Blarg-Chicka-Honk-Honk best line ever

  • bo94

    6 years ago

    This video is no longer available due to copyright infringement claim by viacom, inc red vs blue, does anyone else really want to know what it was??

  • pancake6444

    6 years ago

    Is that a real viacom copyright thing

  • AgentGir

    6 years ago

    Jr. looks like a tiny chicken.....IM GONNA EAT HIM!!! YUM!

  • AgentGir

    6 years ago

    Awww....hes cute....and sticky looking. Hqhhahaha

  • AgentHunter

    6 years ago

    Tucker: Bye little guy.....tex needs me and church to back her up.

    Jr: Bow Chicka Honk Honk!

    Doc: Hmm....guess you have been teaching him some stuff

    Tucker: You dont teach that, thats just genetic! Hahahahahaaa!!

  • AgentHunter

    6 years ago


    Sarge: Is this that facebook thing I've been hearing about? LOL

  • supersafe

    7 years ago

    "Tex needs me to back her up."

  • merchent343

    7 years ago

    (tucker holds sniper rifle (shoots tex in ass)) ummm.... (tucker looks paniced).... YOU HOLD IT. (tex hits church).

  • ZemogT

    7 years ago

    In reply to darius, #1:

    I wish there was an "Agree" rating.
    Ditto's fine I guess.

  • gopaul

    8 years ago

    Ha ha Church got beat.

  • eviltobar

    8 years ago


  • Demonshot

    9 years ago

    Haha JUst Great! Bow-Chika-Honk-Honk! xD

  • Valarious

    9 years ago

    this is by far my favorite episode in season five!

    tex shouldn't have thought it was church shooting her since church doesn't usually hit anything with his sniper. but it was fricking hilarious anyway!

    fave quotes:
    "I don't think she's embarrassing it."

    "...airy and open feeling."
    "That's why Donut gets to look."

    "Can I get lost too?"
    "No caboose, i need you to stay here and watch sheila."
    "Yeah, if the transfer gets interrupted, we might lose her altogether."
    "Oh, that would be bad."
    "Right, otherwise how would you accidentally kill people?"
    "Hmm, I suppose I could always-"
    "Shut up that was rhetorical."

    "bow-chicka honk honk."
    "Huh, i guess you have been teaching him some stuff."
    "Teach? you can't teach that, that's just genetics."

    "Hey Tex, what are you doing back - ow, what the fuck did I do?"

  • TMlord95

    9 years ago

    Bow chicka honk honk.


    9 years ago

    Sweet Thanks!

  • timon1553

    9 years ago

    they funnier everytime

  • Haloeye

    9 years ago

    Oh man bad timing...

  • FallenWyllis

    9 years ago

    Aaah you need to make a shirt that says "Bom Chicka Honk Honk"!!
    It's my favorite character quote XD

  • scourge3

    9 years ago

    jnr is funny , "bow chika honk honk"

  • CabooseHappy

    9 years ago

    Ha ha , pretty lady is in our home base thingy. yea

  • DSXno1

    9 years ago

    tuckers genetics are awesome!

  • Spardan

    9 years ago

    Nice shot Tucker :)

  • ironclaws

    9 years ago

    "hey tex what ya doing back?" *SMACK*

    rofl Gr8 one guys

  • TUCKER_kinky

    9 years ago

    hell yeah he does

  • fireimonkey

    9 years ago

    bow chicka bow wow lol

  • DarthMike

    9 years ago

    man i cant get enough of this

  • AHouse

    9 years ago

    suddenly Tucker seems so much smarter

  • chichi

    9 years ago

    Love your episodes keep em going :)

  • BlueBrent

    9 years ago

    nice episode! ( like you havnt heard that a million times)

  • Lizardflame1

    10 years ago

    and here i thought sgt. knew best

  • snowd0n

    10 years ago


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