Crazy Driver Achievement Guide

Achievement Unlocked: Crazy Driver Achievement Guide

Knuckles and Churchs Wife finish off the Crazy Box and nab the Crazy Driver Achievement, and to top it off unlock a bitchin' bicycle.

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Comments (5)

  • gaming4glory

    6 years ago

    Awwww! The memories of playing this when i was 7 are coming back to me!! awww, remember church?.....CHURCH!?

  • mraltereg0

    6 years ago

    YOR UNCONVERTIBLE so u get a bike ......................sorry we were out of cars

  • BoneyHead95

    6 years ago

    In reply to alex7059, #2:

    A pizza arcade? Sounds great! :D

  • alex7059

    6 years ago

    i remember playing this in a pizza arcade

  • Thunder45645

    6 years ago

    you got a bike well hope that those 7 dudes doesnt want a ride again because it will split in 2!!