Joel and Adam Stream Terraria - Part 3

Achievement Hunter: Joel and Adam Stream Terraria - Part 3

Joel and Adam are back, and this time they mean business. Not really. They just want to play Terraria some more. Joel dies, Adam dies, other things die; everyone has fun.

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Comments (7)

  • SomeKindofCaveDemon FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 years ago

    I love these streams and I'm super glad they're posted to the AH site in their entirety... but the awful 30-second-max buffer is TERRIBLE on these videos. PLEASE extend the damn video player's maximum buffering, if you can't make it buffer faster. I'm watching at 360p and STILL getting stuck buffering at points, no matter how long I pause and let it buffer for.

  • ReckonBallZ Watcher on the 4th Wall

    2 years ago

    This is considerably sexier than some parts of PornHub. I can tell because I'm not dry heaving or rocking back and forth.

  • jcshields27

    2 years ago

    This is some really refreshing material. Love this stuff.

  • digger1236

    2 years ago

    Adam and Joel's dynamic is amazing. I could watch this for hours.

    • Swabardu

      2 years ago

      I agree! The How To's are some of my favourite videos. It's great to be able to watch them unedited.

  • TheYank49 The Yank

    2 years ago

    Best terraria video. Adam treats joel like a child lol.

  • indywolf

    2 years ago

    This is the real stream team