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Tron Items in Levels 3 & 4 will be available:

  • For FIRST Members - 7 years ago
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Tron Items in Levels 3 & 4

Achievement Hunter: Tron Items in Levels 3 & 4

Fragger takes you inside the grid and grabs the hidden Tron items for levels 3 and 4 in Tron: Evolution.

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Comments (7)

  • cuterbunny75

    7 years ago

    In reply to mega48man, #5:

    Its the Tr2n font on dafont.

  • Ayushables

    7 years ago

    Does anyone know when the next one will be up? I need two files on chapter 5 and I've no idea what they are :(

  • mega48man

    7 years ago

    where the heck did you get that font? the one you used for 'achienvement hunter' at the very beginning. i've only found the 80's version of the tron font, where'd you get the tron legacy font? i gotta have it!!!

    and is this game worth getting? i'm a huge tron nerd and i loved the movie (it was awesome at the imax in 3D!) but i heard the game got horribly vomiting reviews. a 4.5/10 from gameinformer, and it looks like their warning about the camera was right.

  • TEi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    7 years ago

    Oh man, these guides have been crazy helpful. The Tron Files and Abraxas Shards are the only achievements I need at this point, so I hope to see the last few chapters soon. Thanks, Fragger!

  • protercool

    7 years ago

    Looks intense.

  • darnclem King of Dongs

    7 years ago

    The only Achievement Hunter alert I want to see is the one that says that you finally have the bug (were I get your stupid alerts stuck on the RT skin) fixed.

  • Pancakeman24

    7 years ago

    Nice vid. Game seems awesome; might get it.

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