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Treasure 81-100 will be available:

  • For FIRST Members - 8 years ago
  • For Members - 8 years ago
  • For everyone - 8 years ago

Treasure 81-100

Achievement Hunter: Treasure 81-100

Gus' final video in Uncharted 2 showing you the remaining treasure locations.

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Comments (13)

  • DragonIrons

    5 years ago

    Two of your treasures in video 5 are WAY off in the order. Because of that I'm going to have to figure out which friggin chapter it was in the first place, and redo it just to get those 2...... It's #86 (at least in the order you have it in the video) Tibetan Conch Horn (although farther in the level you DO go back in that area and you can get it then. The other you have right after that, #87 Tibetan Square GHau. You jump up on those cabinets or w/e and onto the roof LONG before the point YOU do in the video. Right after that you're shooting the next one off the ceiling just before the secret entrance to Shimbala (where after the ceiling you climb a statue for yet another treasure). You need to edit #87 in where it belongs, cause at that point you can't get back to it.

  • kelevra16

    6 years ago

    Unusual Bronze Mask must be cold and excited for the Tibetan Hair Ornament.

  • thenub FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago

    Gah! Gus, why? On Treasure #97 (right after 96, the Gold Leaf Statue Head or whatever) you say "This next one took me a little 'hu-while'" :O

    It's Cool Whip not Cool Hu-whip!

  • ledzep28

    8 years ago

    Thanks man, I really needed help finding these treasures. I had some trouble with them.

  • Loken_G

    8 years ago

    a thogchag is a pendant apperantly

  • DaCuban FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Rooster Speak

    8 years ago

    Gus? Trophy Hunter? Geoff! Get the Lawyers! COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

  • thunderking

    8 years ago

    Hey gus, how was your day off before traveling?

  • Hype_manafov

    8 years ago

    also i laughed at Gus' guesses what the hell those were

  • stavie

    8 years ago

    Gus is the funniest Mexican ever! Suck it Mencia!

  • Hype_manafov

    8 years ago

    on ps3, antique stuff never looked better

  • Passino

    8 years ago

    Thogchags are cast metal charms or talismans worn and collected by Tibetans. Sorry if you already looked this up...

  • NJT

    8 years ago

    Gus please continue Trophy Hunter

  • joshyboy999

    8 years ago

    Funny at times and hilarious for all the wrong reasons at others. Good video Gus.

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