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Treasure 41-60 will be available:

  • For FIRST Members - 8 years ago
  • For Members - 8 years ago
  • For everyone - 8 years ago

Treasure 41-60

Achievement Hunter: Treasure 41-60

Gus continues his quest for treasure, this time highlighting the locations of treasures 41-60

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Comments (6)

  • valance23322

    8 years ago

    gus you rock

  • DirkVandenbe

    8 years ago

    A singing bowl makes noises like when you rub the rim of a crystal glass.

  • rudy95

    8 years ago

    that was a bigass cow he passed by

  • rudy95

    8 years ago

    gus is actually pretty good at "trophy"hunter vids

  • deathbycows

    8 years ago

    nothing wakes you up in the morning like your cereal bowl singing to you.

    also I love gus's little guessing game with the treasure, especially when he's completely wrong. "that looks like a dildo....nope it's a silver needle case"

  • thunderking

    8 years ago

    Gus, you should be working in a museum, and all the plaques under the displays should be your description of what it is.

    Greatest museum ever...

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