Thu'um Master Pt 3

Achievement Hunter: Thu'um Master Pt 3

Fragger and Ray show you how to get the Thu'um Master Achievement in Skyrim. This video is Part Three, showing how to get Elemental Fury, Marked for Death, and Dismay.

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Comments (9)

  • xbg123

    5 years ago

    please make a part 4!!!!

  • KiraPulse

    6 years ago

    another thing about the daedric artifacts .. don't kill Ysolde in white run you need her for a quest to get that rose sword/ staff and if you do kill her in a blind rage like i did ... you won't get the quest and will never get that artifect OR the achievement. so you'll have to play another file just for that artifact and that pretty much sucks

  • bloodcloud69

    6 years ago

    excelent face chopping

  • zozofofo33

    6 years ago

    you blew up my headphones asshole

  • Raggedyman

    6 years ago

    When he was cutting that dragon up I kept screaming "stop! stop! he's already dead!"

  • alt6089

    6 years ago

    They're not Dalek quests/items they are Dadric. And its called the Labyrinthian (Lab-er-in-thee-in)

  • twc55

    6 years ago

    You can also get Marked for Death if you decide to destroy the Brotherhood

  • ColdPhx

    6 years ago

    Dang it, now "Shout" is going to be stuck in my head all day... thanks for that.
    BTW guessing you'll be skipping the end gameish shouts (The Calls) to avoid spoilers and such, since those are both automatic anyway.

  • Swordinator

    6 years ago

    Jeez, Fagger. Dragonborne? More like Dragonbane.
    Nice face-chopping!.

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