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Spec Ops - Alpha - Sniper Fi

Achievement Hunter: Spec Ops - Alpha - Sniper Fi

Jack and Geoff show you how to get three stars in the Alpha "Sniper Fi" level in Spec Ops.

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Comments (17)

  • zozofofo33

    6 years ago

    i hit my cuz with the drone

  • AgentAlabama

    8 years ago

    In reply to hagukww, #3:

    wrong game dawg.

  • Hype_manafov

    8 years ago

    Spec Ops: Helping gamers communicate since,well last month,dam.

  • amphigory5

    8 years ago

    this is an awesome level.

  • NelsonhXc

    8 years ago

    this has helped soo much, fucking love bernie's first bam haha

  • sdfsaf

    8 years ago

    In reply to eviltedi, #8:

    nah i did the exact same thing i set up the claymores around the two stairs and my friend used the missile and i just sniped the entire time

  • asimilate

    8 years ago

    i passed this in a signle try on veteran, was pretty easy... the higher level ones after these are a pain, i forget the name : \

  • Wolfeman

    8 years ago

    I laughed at BamBamBradley.

  • ElectroBear

    8 years ago

    I got this by myself on veteran, god It got frustrating cause I would be doing fine until some enemy throws a grenade up and I can't toss it back, I can't jump off the roof and its too close to hide :S.
    Though eventually I got it :D

  • eviltedi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago

    i might get flamed for this but.....
    there are 20 claymores that you can use to guard the back approach. 10 upstairs where u spawn and 10 downstairs. use and you both can snipe

  • Goatman008

    8 years ago

    This was an easy one to do on vetern even by yourself

  • Halo_Creed

    8 years ago

    You don't have to wait for the drone to reload, just keep pressing down on your d-pad and it is always ready to be abused.

  • djsima25

    8 years ago


  • MacFreedom

    8 years ago


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  • hagukww

    8 years ago

    it would be so fun if geoff said bip bap bam then shooting


    8 years ago

    Watching you guys play makes me not want to boycott MW2 anymore.

  • Psycholagny Resident of Old Olney

    8 years ago

    I like what you guys did with the PiP. Nice touch!