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Spec Ops - Alpha - Evasion

Achievement Hunter: Spec Ops - Alpha - Evasion

Jack and Geoff put on the snow gear and do a bit of evading in this Spec Ops mission from Modern Warfare 2.

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Comments (20)

  • illidin

    8 years ago

    i did it by myself and you can just shoot one guy behind another so you kill two guys with one shot

  • wack12

    8 years ago

    there are a number of instances where if you line up 2 guys, you can kill both of them with 1 shot, helps so much if you do it by yourself.

  • jonathan12

    8 years ago

    you guys playing on veteram?

  • tonyski change is scary

    8 years ago

    this one is easy for me now. wait for the first 4, keep walking till the guy and the dog stop, kill them, go to the 2 guys after the guy and the dog and then take out the guy and the dog. for bonus points don't kill any of the guys after that.

  • HiroYuki2705

    8 years ago

    this one took me and my best friend about an hour to do. we both stuck together but that first patrol always got us. the guy in last always came up to the little shrub we were hiding in and he always friggin called the cavalry!! it was so annoying!!!

  • tfigs02

    8 years ago

    shit hit the fan at the end when i was plyaing with a friend and we just booked it up the hill, killed the two dudes at the top and made it to the smoke. we were so high we were goin nuts

  • unholygamer

    8 years ago

    haha me and my friend got bored and just killed everyone =D

  • sublimeall

    8 years ago

    i took out every one on veteran by myself

  • MadyWS FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago

    "You're not the same thing." Classic zinger from Geoff. Booyah.

  • the01NoOb

    8 years ago

    this was on veteran by the way

  • the01NoOb

    8 years ago

    hey guys love your videos, just want to point out tho, i did this by my self (hell of a lot easier) didn't kill anyone except the four guys at the bottom of the hill, and the 2 guys at the top. went to the rock in the begining, then got up to where ur about halfway to the open pit-like area, and i crawleded (very slowly) across the middle between a bunch of guys. to the big pipe, which goes all along the left side, then cross's over-head across the pit, i just followed that till i got to the pit ( crawling ) then get as close to the fence that goes up the hill. and then did what i explained before kill the six and your home free...

    P.S. did this with a friend after i beat it and found the perfect route, did it in under 2 and a half minutes..

  • Zuese

    8 years ago

    hey hey..theres no need to hate each other

    Cant we all just get along

  • Demonlemming

    8 years ago

    It's possible to just ignore the group of 3. If you hang right, wait till the first group goes past, at about 182m or so, there's a group of bushes on right past some rocks, the first dog and dude stop right infront. So can shoot or ignore them.
    The 5 man patrol, the last guy splits off to right slightly, take him first, guy, dog, wait, last guy and dog walk back round.
    Did same as video for last 3 groups.
    Done solo mind you, on pc version.

  • Rankovich

    8 years ago

    Great Video, but a lot of needless kills in the beggining. As post #6 said you could have sticked to the right and avoided 2 groups.

  • verd FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold All4FUN

    8 years ago

    cool vid. A point of interest the 4 guys that pass you in the start of the level, if you follow them all they do is walk to a certain point then stop moving but all of them are facing away from you so those guys are 4 easy kills if you want them. Also sticking to the right a lot helps you avoid some of the patrol and guys just standing there.

  • Kukakkau

    8 years ago

    You can pass most groups by just crawling past them. Takes longer but alot easier to get it first time that way

  • Flannerson

    8 years ago

    Thanks, my friend and I were having trouble with this.

  • iWatchtv

    8 years ago

    The dogs in this level made me sympathize with michael vick.

    They screwed me over at least 6 times.

  • lannis17

    8 years ago

    i loved this spec ops but my and my buddy would always lose. Its one of those patient spec ops but i guess its worth it in the end

  • Stealth7500 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Jake

    8 years ago

    Get double killed.