Spec Ops 4 - Hit and Run

Achievement Hunter: Spec Ops 4 - Hit and Run

Ray shows us how to get 3 stars on the Hit and Run Spec Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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Comments (11)

  • DarkMarathon

    5 years ago

    This was by far my favorite mission. Oh and Dragunov for the win. If your good you can take out around 3 guys in about one second.

  • x_Reaper

    6 years ago

    btw dragonuv WAS in black ops

  • iAmWarrior22

    6 years ago

    That was the 2nd worst throw ever...
    of all time

  • Halo_Creed

    6 years ago

    An easier way is to just sit behind the crate with the hostages, you only have to kill maybe 6 guys who run at you and a couple that run on those bridges in front of you (if you're looking back towards where you spawned). Also, you don't need to run to the helicopter once it comes, when the countdown ends you auto-win.

  • arrowguard

    6 years ago

    Why hit me with the back off your rifle when You can just be safe a shoot me

  • sirmaladonX FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    6 years ago

    why drink water when there is still cinnamon left over?

  • relix73

    6 years ago

    why shoot me when you can use the back of your rifle...you dirty whore. XD

  • dmw5400

    6 years ago

    there was a dragnov in black ops

  • dragon523

    6 years ago


  • ftwmatthew

    6 years ago

    I will sue you!

  • Xboxbeast96

    6 years ago

    Your guide's help me so much!!!