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Skate 2 Preview

Achievement Hunter: Skate 2 Preview

Jack takes a trip up to EA Black Box in Canada to take an early look at Skate 2 (coming out Jan 21, 2009).

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Comments (28)

  • NightKids

    9 years ago

    Skate 2 looks awesome and Rob and Big are freaking in it!

  • Geigan

    9 years ago

    Gee thanks for not having a spoiler alert Jack. They explained the entire plot in 2 minutes which I guess says a lot about that. But why on Earth would I want to play a skating game to hear people talk I want to skate not listen.

  • bois

    9 years ago

    i like the 1 and i will love the 2

  • CyanLink

    9 years ago

    Wasn't this already uploaded a week ago. Or am I clairvoyant?

  • Tenstone

    9 years ago

    Im so glad you can get off your board!

  • cole_train

    9 years ago

    Rob and Big finally in a damn game

  • SpeekBraille

    9 years ago

    Rob & Big.... Oh ya....

  • MarkSpartan

    9 years ago

    cant wait for this game. i loved the first one

  • Subl1me

    9 years ago

    That producer looks like a mix between a 16 year old and 40 year old...

  • SIP69 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Friday Night Fanfiction

    9 years ago

    This game looks so sick. I can't wait for it. Plus, you can add more achievements?!?!?! Looks like it will be a long few weeks.

  • CyanLink

    9 years ago

    We haven't had a preview since Dead Space Nice job Jack.

  • cam94

    9 years ago

    Skate 2 is more than an improvement on the first, it looks better than most games, little needed to change from original skate well with all the graphics better and new stuff it makes the original skate look shit, but it was awesome. Can't wait.

  • doomedlight

    9 years ago

    Looks awesome XD!

  • psychozerosk

    9 years ago

    You are so lucky. I would kill to go there.

  • ForceofPVTs

    9 years ago

    my mom works here too!

  • DMZilla

    9 years ago

    "I love you Mommy"


  • SOL4CE

    9 years ago

    Sweet Jack, I was into the Tony Hawk games a bit when underground came out but I just got bored after wasteland. I think this will get me back into skating games and I might just learn how to skate for real.

  • TEOR

    9 years ago

    me like this (________________________) much

  • bigal971

    9 years ago

    i didn't play the first skate but i probably will with this 1

    it looks like sick shit

  • infernochill

    9 years ago

    damn this looks so awesome!

    i've been a huge fan of the first Skate, cause it definitely beats the shit out of doing multiple backflips in a single ollie like in the Tony Hawk games.

    this just looks raw as fuck! smiley7.gif

  • Ninjen13

    9 years ago


    Great vid Jack. Too bad you didn't show ALL the skateboards you guys got....They were all totally rad.

    Maybe this skate game I can ACTUALLY play. Me and Tony Hawk....we don't get along.

  • deathbr1ng3r

    9 years ago

    Finally, being able to get off your board. The act of WALKING seems like a virtue in skateboarding games.

  • vampirebee

    9 years ago

    this is pretty intense. Can't wait

  • eDONKulation

    9 years ago


  • jaz7564

    9 years ago

    You're my hero Jack!

  • swslider

    9 years ago

    xD wow didn't know your mom was in construction or traffic whatever that signs for :p.

    btw nice job jack and you know i love you, but if you have an accident or something dibs on your sweet skateboard :D.

    Grtz ;).

  • Hontagi

    9 years ago

    I was never a huge fan of Tony Hawk skating games, but when the security guards will give you a wicked cloths line when grinding, that looks funny. Entertaining

  • bladeblacken

    9 years ago

    This looks like fun. Thanks Jack.

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