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Achievement Hunter: Help!

Jack and Kerry wander around the magical World of Keflings and pick up the "Help!" achievement. (I need somebody to...)

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Comments (9)

  • huntarr0

    7 years ago

    girls like penis smiley13.gif

  • truffledude

    7 years ago

    In reply to Xfire152, #1:

    most of the adds are annoying

  • HavocHimself

    7 years ago

    I love easy achievements like this. In fact the only thing I like better is achievements that you actually have to work for!

  • CederDUDE22

    7 years ago

    Just got 200/200. I suggest trying out the trial game!

  • Hill_Watcher FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    7 years ago

    In reply to Xfire152, #1:

    It is still much better than the Zappos puppet from hell.

  • xBloodFangx

    7 years ago

    huh i don't really get this game

  • Spyman2255

    7 years ago

    Minecraft! Also random video never heard of this game, until now

  • tonyski change is scary

    7 years ago

    oh the irony... An achievement referencing a song and there's no game audio.

  • Xfire152

    7 years ago

    Best Buy ads gettin a little annoying...